novena padre pio intercessione

Dear St Pio.Please answer my prayer to restore my friendship with the man I care about. Day 1 Preface: Oh most Holy God, we humbly prostrate ourselves before Thy Infinite Majesty, and we adore Thee and dedicate to Thy glory the devout prayers which we now present to Thee, as an act of devotion to your servant, St Padre Pio, whose intercession we are now imploring. I give myself to God, I just cannot see the good that will come out of this. Do miracl to me. adult sons and their families pray for healing of their bodies, souls Please pray for my 4 yr old niece. Pray with me Padre Pio that God will lay His healing hands on my mother and alleviate whatever ails her. I feel no more pain!! Please help my son, his suppose to have a kidney surgery and it was postpone twice already because he always have colds during pre check up surgery. I am In desperate need of gainful employment to pay bills, provide for my self, help me smile, and build my confidence to help me accomplish my goals & dreams. I do not believe in coincidences. O how I need Thee, my Jesus, in this night of exile! Amen. I am praying for you. Look at her now dear Padre and bring her back to her Faith with her children. Amen. Please pray for my father and mother. Padre Pio, may you graciously grant us mercy and intercede for my mother’s healing in Chronic Kidney Disease. Please pray that I can relax and not be so stressed out. In doing so, you have answered my most fervent prayer. Please pray for me dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray my guardian angel will go to padre Pio to ask him for help with my work, children l, and a definite must have of Gods will for man that is good, loving, knows, serves, and loves God, and wil have love in his heart for only me. Thank you because through your help I’ve not incurred any complications from the surgery… But the pain is now too much. I also have Parkinson’s disease that makes life very difficult. My beautiful wife is having a baby in July i want my wife protected and baby healthy and intelligent. thank you so much Padre Pio for your help, Dear padre pio I entrust you the conversion of "F-J"And the cure of "D-E", who is in the psychiatric hospital, as well as 'T-M"Thank you so much, Dear Padre Pio, I entrust to you what remains of my family, which has been crushed, shredded in a thousand pieces by the Evil One ... cause my uncle to come back to me and give me the inheritance to which I am entitled, tell me Why my father has forsaken me, and my great aunt also, if such is the Will of God, St padre pio I am praying to you because I believe in your miracles. Help me to get to heaven as well as for my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and their children, etc. Padre Pio, you've probably been listening to me crying to you for the past week. St. Padre Pio, i pray for a grace of healing. Saint Padre Pio I place your picture at the head of our bed, every day and night and I await your miracle to heal us to have peace of mind, follow the path of the Lord and ask you to intercede for us to be guide by the Holy Spirit and do the right thing in the eyes of the Lord. Speedy and quick approval of my application. Since my return my tumour had stop growing and on one occasion while driving from Alicante in Spain to Valencia the car was fill with sweet smell I knew St Pio had visited us. thank you. Weeks after, I felt better, months after, my blood chem result got better and it's been half a year since I stopped my thyroid hormone maintenance and I am very okay now.Right now, I need the help of Padre Pio again for a special intention. How wonderful it is to be near the Lord all the time. This website is devoted to Saint Gemma Galgani with over 70 articles and many of her writings, along with official photographs and numerous examples of her heroic life, in hopes that it will inspire in others a greater love and devotion for Jesus and Mary. Thank you so much! Please dont let anyone or anything to break us apart. Amen. I can’t seem to overcome this sin. In fact: The ‘Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ has provided countless miracles to those that were sick and needed help. Please pray that my teeth are not rotten.Please also pray for the pain from other health ailments will subside and I can live happily. dear padre pio please protect my whole family, from all kinds of harm and danger keep them all safe from all I am in need of full time nursing work as a Registered Nurse my problem is i lack experience i am hoping Jesus and Mary can guide me and give the wisdom and knowledge to be a very good nurse. Please watch over my Emilyrose and Alexis. I truly need you to intercede in my life and help me find my way I need you to help me overcome my stress my pain and my hurt and my depression. Lord, Please shower me the blessing to get settled my dues from the Owners. Please pray for my Alexis that her back is better and things work out for her. Praying for my health and Health of the family; praying that our supervisor will have an open mind on our suggestions and she should be fair with our team; praying that we will get a new manager. Amen, I am asking for prayers to St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Padre Pio, St Andrew, St Pope John Paul II and St. Anthony for the health of my parents and myself and my husband so that they may place these prayers before Our Lady, so she may give the prayers to her Holy son. Offer up to Jesus that tender and constant care that you bore Him here on earth. As I started praying ti you Saint Padre Pio, our relationship is getting better. This Year is the Year of the Eucharist and the Year of Mercy that through Fr. Please pray for us. Padre Pio please pray for my son Matthew who is suffering the anguish of persecution. Now I am in my current relationship situation where I always ask for answers to my questions. Please Saint Pio, I respectfully submit to you to please help me with my problems I’m having at the moment. Please bring him his bride. Thomas McDermott O.P. Make his performance impress all the  coaches and the soccer clubs present on that day. Let us hear the news that she is free from disease. Dear Padre Pio, Help him and my dad to get converted. Please ask Jesus to heal my son Eli Josef completely from seizure and epilepsy. Padre Pio has helped me a lot. If it be according to God's holy will that she be healed I ask you to intercede for us. Please let my chest be clear of infection. let the pain be just gas, without the need of any surgical and no surgical procedures. You take care of them! padre pio pls intercede for me and let my son joaquin lorenzo get well already please dont let him have fever anymore take away his cough and colds. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for all prayers for the saving of baby Peter Elliot Valdez who is in critical care in the hospital right now please pray for this new born infant of two months of age GOD I give you my heart and my soul to use me as a vessel to do your will Amen! My name is Joel and my wife and I are in the middle of a very ugly divorce. We visited your shrine in Landisville, NJ, and try to every chance we get. Please forgive me for what I’ve done and what I have failed to do. Cap. Help her and my family to always hold on to sacred heart of jesus. I told him about the Odor of Sanctity that many people experienced when they were near to Father Pio ….my son wanted to “smell” this odor. Do you remember my child? Please ask God to spare her so that she may enjoy watching her grandchildren grow. Please I am asking for a miracle for my health and that the pain goes away. Please Pray for my Son Marius Girard S Gacayan so that he may be good in his studies and graduate. Please pray for my husband's job. On the way to Mass, in the car, I told my son my story, and all I knew about Padre Pio. I Love You. Oh holy Gemma, you who physically suffered all the pains of the Passion of Jesus, I beseech of you the grace to meditate on and live the Passion of Jesus, and the sufferings of Holy Mary. Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus This novena prayer was recited every day by Padre Pio for all those who asked for prayers. I will everyday be happy and forget all the bad memories that has been haunting me..I also pray for good health of my son, may he gain weight, grow up to love learning and studying and that he would bring honor to his parents..may he be outstanding in school, be diligent be respectful and most of all learn to be God fearing individual ..the health of my mother may she continue to be healthy and live a longer life..My in laws may they learn to be humble and giving to people ..may they also be healthy and fit ..may the bank also approve the loan of my husband so that he can do his dream project ..may his business prosper and may the Good Lord link him to the right people That will make his business succeed,This is his Time Lord , please bless him with richness !! St. Padre Pio please pray for my three year old grandson, Tanner, who has been diagnosed with Leighs syndrome which is affecting his central nervous system and as a result he can’t walk or talk without falling down. let them all live long enough to see their great grandchildren. I have just read a book about Padre Pio. Padre Pio please pray for my family. Be with me Saint Padre Pio. Nor a grandfather in his biological grandfather, nor an uncle in his biological uncle. please have mercy. Self medicating will only lead him to make more poor choices. Also my father is sick and pray for him. I pray that my partner will realize everything, all he sacrifices we've been thru, the love and happiness we've shared, the challenges we conquer together and many more. A Novena to St. Padre Pio For His Intercession in Obtaining a Special Grace Day 1 Preface: Oh most Holy God, we humbly prostrate ourselves before Thy Infinite Majesty, and we adore Thee and dedicate to Thy glory the devout prayers which we now present to Thee, as an act of devotion to your servant, St Padre Pio, whose intercession we are now imploring. Thank u St. Pio. Amen. Saint Padre Pio I place thy picture below his pillow every night and I await your miracle to heal my Abhishek for my love Thank you, I do not know who put you into my life, but I am grateful, and I know you are in my life. Please help me with the exhaustion I have. 11/07/2015 to discuss. We are praying to God for a miracle. Bless Eddy and have mercy on him, oh thank you beloved Padre Pio. Padre Pio's Efficacious Prayer and Novena ... Praying for the intercession of St. Padre Pio is a great help along the way. I have been unfairly selected for compulsory redundancy at the College I work in. Dear Padre Pio, I love Padre Pio. My Japanese mother’s family was converted to the Catholic faith by Franciscan missionaries in Hokkaido, Japan. His feast is every 23rd of the month and to our surprised the number in which the name of my sister has 23 and she did passed her board exam! She only wrote that he had the stigmata. Please pray for my 4 yr old niece. Please help us to get back together before its too late for us. Bring us back so closely to Jesus and His Blessed Mother, and ask them to forgive us for all the hurt we have caused them.Padre Pio, you know my fervent wish before I die - please fulfil it for me.Thank you for being there for us. I found out on August 31 when she came to my house and shouted outside my gate that she was his wife. She gave me a post card with a black and white photograph of Padre Pio lifting the Host, and absorbed in his gaze at our Lord in the Eucharist. Please pray for my health issues to go away. I pray for your help Padre Pio! It was given it by some lovely nuns in Ireland. Please intercede with our Lord for my daughter Lauren and bring her the Miracle of healing to overcome her learning difficulties and enable her to succeed in school and make A’s and B’s in all of her classes, Padre Pio please stay with me through my cancer surgery tomorrow. Prior to that my whole family was praying to him once we found out my mom had uterian cancer and she miraculously had a hysterectomy and did not need chemo or radiation. Intercessiin prayer padre pio for quidance in a matter of love. keep my children jillian allyson, joaquin lorenzo and jodie madison away from all kinds of harm and danger keep them strong and healthy always in spirit, body and mind. May the Holy Spirit guide them. Jesus I trust in You. Thank you Saint Padre Pio. Padre Pio you have popped in to my life a few times but I prayed so hard when my father was ill and later died that I lost faith. Help me smile and be positive. I am sad and confused why so many who say you cannot be saved in the catholic church, or your baptism is not valid in the catholic church. Thank you for your love toward me and my loved ones. You and Jesus know her name. It is hard to understand or believe in a Heavenly Father, when his experience of an Earthly father is so lacking, or even non existent…or even immoral, and unbeleiving. Padre Pio thank you for watching over my family and for praying for them. Thank you Padre Pio. Please pray for her parents and brothers and her grandparents too. in God’s name i pray. Thank you for this site to share this with at this moment. Padre Pio, . I still love my wife and I am willing and committed to do whatever it takes to save/restore our marriage. Pray for me and my husband to Bear our own child. Pray for me Padre that I may be able to build my own house. Help me to reunite with maxwell in the USA as soon as he settles in a soccer club. He was popularly known as Padre Pio after his ordination to the priesthood. Need your help, wisdom and financial miracle. and spirits.. and pray for the salvation of ‘all of them’..including my husband of over 57 years.. Father pio please watch over my mother. I pray with the words of Pope John Paul II as I beg for your prayers on my behalf: “Glorious, humble and beloved Padre Pio. I worked with heart and they just throw us like a peace of paper. Please answer my petition! Padre Pio please intercede for my mother who has been diagnosed with cancer. I beg your urgent intercession of Lucy’s wellbeing and total recovery. Be a mentor to my sons Adam and Sam. I met these missionaries when I was a young girl in Japan. Please pray they can enjoy life. Still I pray that we will hear from the school with a space for Annabella Rosa. I confide in you and entrust all to your loving care. I am asking for the TMJ issues to go away. Stand in for me for the job applications I have sent to get positive feedback. thank you, Please saint pio. Please help us. You marked his body with the five wounds of Christ Crucified, as a powerful witness to the saving Passion and Death of your Son, and as a stirring inspiration to many people of your infinite mercy, forgiveness and love. After 3 months, I was hypothyroid and as one of the effects, I experienced unbearable depression. Help me st. Padre pio i need your miracle pls. I am in need of a miracle! I love you Padre Pio. I knew that Saint Francis had the stigmata. I know you will help me. Please for me to pradre pio that i will be able to pay all my debts since its haunting me almost every second of the day. Please pray for us. May he find peace and a reason to live. As for me help too padre pio interceed for me I’m at the end of my rope.hold the rope.padre pio the saint of all times pray for us.amen amen amen.thanks be to God. Please help me with the exhaustion I have. I am asking for prayers to St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Padre Pio, St Andrew, St Pope John Paul II and St. Anthony for the health of my parents and myself and my husband so that they may place these prayers before Our Lady, so she may give the prayers to her Holy son. I pray my sons skin clears up and heals from eczema. I pray for my little family Joel brad and Amy and there soul-mate picked by God.amen. I want him to be committed to me. Pray for me for the sacrament of holy matrimony and for another employment that i have been trusting God for. Through his powerful intercession, many who suffered were healed of sickness and disease. I also pray for the intercession of Blessed Carloline Kozka, Maria Goretti of Poland for her prayers and pleadings with our Lord for Timber to be miraculously healed from her omphalocele and to come home to her family where she belongs. Please pray for my health. I rubbed the holy oil on my brother as I prayed for your divine intercession and healing for my brother William that he will be completely healed from his COPD and all other ailments. I humbly begging to grant him miracles for the cancellation of his removal order and close his case so he can stay with us. Pls. Chapters include: Padre Pio’s Love for the Holy Angels, Padre Pio’s Healing Touch, Padre Pio’s Seraphic Father: St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio: An Extraordinary Confessor, Padre Pio’s Prophetic Spirit, Padre Pio’s Gift of Bilocation, Padre Pio and the Children, Stories from the War Years, and much more. heal her please. (sigh) There is much broken-ness, and sinfulness in my family. Thank You Padre Pio. Saint Padre Pio or St. Pio of Pietrelcina (25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968) was a Capuchin priest from Italy and is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church.

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