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But still, the Longtail is actually longer than a 720S by 10mm at the rear thanks to a new active rear spoiler that has 20% extra surface area and a front splitter that protrudes by an additional 40mm. McLaren 765LT prezzo La McLaren 765 LT è l’ultima arrivata della casa automobilistica con sede a Woking ed è una bellezza a cui non si può resistere. McLaren 765 LT: prezzo della supercar più potente in gamma McLaren 765LT è appena uscita e si va a classificare di diritto come la più potente e leggera del bellissimo brand inglese. The McLaren 765 LT weighs 80 kg less than the 720S coupe at 1,339kg. At $358,000, 755-horsepower, and a slim 2,709 pounds, the 765LT presents all of the driving thrill of the Senna at a fraction of the cost. 765 examples are being hand-assembled in Woking, up from the 500 units of the 675LT, and there'll be a Spider version too. With a curb-weight of just 2,641 pounds and none of the creature comforts typically associated with a vehicle of that price, it’s also so bare-bones it has nauseated some automotive writers, as Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman noted in a series of increasingly green-faced Instagram posts last year. Il limite di produzione fissato per questa super McLaren è di 765 esemplari, per un prezzo di oltre 340.000 euro. The McLaren 765LT Is Faster Than We Expected. For the lucky few, the next chapter is beginning… Introducing the new 765LT. U.S. Stocks Decline as Fed Refrains From Additional Stimulus, Carnival’s Arison Steps Down as CEO After Cruise Incidents, Monsanto May Win Appeal of French GM Maize Ban, EU Court Says, Alcoa, CIT, Monsanto, Reddy Ice, Thornburg: U.S. Equity Movers. Shop our McLaren Inventory today! For such a senior-level track car, the McLaren 765LT is surprisingly benign to drive for a relative novice, and yet a pro could spend hours chipping away at a lap time with increasingly white knuckles and widened eyes. The engine is visible from outside the vehicle through the polycarbonate rear screen (unless privacy glass is specified). But the 765LT lends a grounding sense of identity and specificity to the brand. ... eroga 765 CV e 800 Nm di coppia massima. The 500 models planned for production sold out almost immediately after the car’s debut in 2018. Better yet, with more sound insulation and a not-quite-as-bone-jarring chassis, it’s infinitely more drivable over longer periods of time, in real-world conditions, than the Senna ever will be. 765 examples are being hand-assembled in Woking, up from the 500 units of the 675LT, and there'll be a Spider version too. Rear visibility remains unaffected. I've driven both the 720S and Senna at Silverstone before, and in similar dry conditions - the 720S is exciting but at times challenging because it moves around so much when pushed hard, the Senna is obviously much faster but ultimately easier to drive than a 720S, simply because it's better locked down with crushing aero, huge mechanical grip, and monster brakes. With such aggressive and distinctive good looks, the 765LT manages to look like a car of its own standing, not another cookie-cutter McLaren. The McLaren 720S is a sports car designed and manufactured by British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive.It is the second all-new car in the McLaren Super Series, replacing the 650S beginning in May 2017.. Generous interior space and racetrack efficiency; climate control, radio, infotainment, and a front lift button to ease driving over bumps are no-cost options. Which brings me to the 2021 McLaren 765LT. It still carries deceptively high cornering speeds - the lack of body roll encourages you to lean harder on the tires and really stress the mechanical grip. A more track-focused 720S built to rival the Ferrari 488 Pista, the 765LT succeeds the exceptional 675LT and follows the one-class-down and also exceptional 600LT. The end result: 755 hp and 590 lb-ft going to the rear axle. A third of those will be sent to the U.S. Yet there's nowhere near the resonance or harshness of the Senna; it's a nicer, less oppressive place to be. What’s more, the company itself has experienced shaky ground recently with habitual balance sheet and liquidity issues, according to a Sept. 1 report by Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Joel Levington, as well as the surprise sale of what had been its crown jewel, the laboratory-like corporate and research and development headquarters in Woking, England. Continuing the lineage of McLaren LT - our most extreme road cars - the new 765LT pushes the boundaries of driver engagement to the next level. McLaren 765LT: prestazioni migliori del previsto, vedere per credere. But in the case of the McLaren 765 LT those letters signify a car that is quicker, sharper, lighter and more engaging to drive – and more exclusive – than its predecessors. The McLaren 765LT is a track-focused exotic sports car that weighs less than 3000 pounds and basically bolts a nuclear reactor behind its passengers. Peak output now registers at 755 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of … Sometimes two letters can mean a lot. You definitely feel some of the Senna DNA just sitting in the 765LT in the pitlane: there's the thin shell and cupped embrace of the carbon fiber seats, a gruffer, deeper note from the quad titanium exhaust, and more of a tingle through the chassis and pared-back interior as the powertrain idles on its stiffer engine mounts. (Speaking of cacophony, McLaren has also engineered a new note on the car to amplify its low rumble throughout the cabin: “Every change in rpm is amplified, not only to occupants’ ears but also as a feeling through the seats,” the press specifications say. La McLaren 765LT è la versione ‘hardcore’ della già velocissima McLaren 720S. In vista della commercializzazione, McLaren ha reso noto il prezzo della 765 LT negli Stati Uniti, che sarà di 358.000 dollari, al cambio attuale 329.540 euro. The standard version of the 765LT is so scant that it comes sans radio (which saves three pounds), with feather-light racing seats (weighing just seven pounds) and a new exhaust system that saves eight pounds over the 720S. The new McLaren 765LT drops 176 lbs from a 720S's curb weight, but it still carries a burden on its shoulders. McLaren also tweaked the 720S's 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 to liberate a few extra horses. The gearbox changes instantly but never feels harsh, but the soundtrack is more industrial than operatic. The McLaren -designed 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 produces 45PS more than the mighty 720S. On track, the visibility, driving position, and the light and feelsome steering quickly help to build confidence, while the more robust feel of the Longtail's brake pedal compared with the mushier 720S is a welcome lift from the Senna. Il rivenditore deve rendere disponibile nel punto vendita una guida gratuita su risparmio di carburante e emissioni di CO2 dei nuovi modelli di autovetture. After successful wins in 24 Heures du Mans and Formula 1 and proven nearly unbeatable in the CanAm series, McLaren died at Goodwood aged 32. 765LT active rear wing, rear bumper and front floor designed, engineered and manufactured at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) in Yorkshire, … All are no-cost options. $358,000. McLaren 765LT 765 CV per la nuova Long Tail ... La 765 LT è così capace di toccare i 100 km/h in 2,8 secondi e i 200 km/h da fermo in 7,2 secondi. You could have dropped $1 million on the Senna. When it comes to craftsmanship and interior élan, the 765LT is still no Ferrari. (To say nothing of its recall for fire risk.) Lighten, sharpen, intensify. While it shares the parts bin with the regular 720S, the LT also inherits some touches from the iconic and powerful McLaren Senna.The brand says that it plans to do a limited unit production run of 765 cars around the globe, with some 30 to 40 percent of those are expected to be reserved for the American market. I’ve been hard on McLaren in the past because the craftsmanship, fit, and finish of their cars’ interiors fell far sub-par, compared to anything in the competitive set. The benefit is sharper visuals, but also a 25% boost in downforce, though McLaren doesn't quote exactly what that translates to numerically. Some proof: It shifts and accelerates quicker than a 720S (some 15%, McLaren says) and has the fastest lap times at the Nardo Ring testing track (among others) of any McLaren Super Series model. From his early years he knew how to master cars rivals twice his age were racing. If you're located in Newport Beach, CA or the surrounding areas, we're the McLaren Dealer for you. The basics of the interior are naturally derived from the 720S, so the doors still swing upwards and take a chunk of the roof with them - helpful when you're wearing a helmet. As for the LT coupe, McLaren has opened the order books in North America, so now's your chance to snag a copy. McLaren 765LT Prezzo da € 343.500 Con un nome che è tutto un programma, 765 sono i cavalli, LT sta per Long Tail, citazione alla mitica versione da corsa della McLaren F1. Even with such an aggressive Trofeo R track tire, the LT still needs a certain amount of caressing and smoothness if you're to avoid lighting up the tires in slower corners, or to prevent triggering some safety understeer in faster ones. The familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 has been re-engineered with forged aluminum pistons, a triple-layer head gasket, an extra fuel pump, and a tweaked ECU, plus stiffer engine mounts and a distinctive quad-exit titanium exhaust. GQ took it to the track to test our nerve. Along with additional weight savings in such things as wheels, redacted carpeting, and the lack of infotainment and climate control (you can opt for those at no cost), the car is 176 pounds lighter than the 720S. It shares a hollow-eyed expression, lightweight construction, and eminently customizable properties with the M… Which means, in short, that at just a few pounds heavier than the Senna, and with nearly equal power, the 765LT feels as exciting to drive as even McLaren’s current top dog—even if, on paper, it’s a shade slower. Despite only boasting five years of history, already these road-legal Longtails are so well defined that we know what to expect: namely more power, less weight, higher grip and downforce and - perhaps most crucial, if hardest to define and engineer - an extra tingle of tactility and driver interaction. Zero to 60mph takes 2.7 seconds; top speed is 205mph. 1.494 km 02/2017 496 kW (674 CV) Usato -/- (Proprietari) Automatico Benzina 11,7 l/100 km (comb.) But it is a strong step forward. The company's used supercars are a great used value. But for the same reason, the 765LT is also a nimble and agile track car that allows you to adjust its balance with the throttle - go late on the excellent brakes, pour the relatively light and pacey steering into the third-gear left-right flick at Vale and it grips hard at the front, doesn't dive, and pivots progressively around its middle. Unmistakable. Six-piston Monobloc calipers from the Senna and 'regular' carbon-ceramic discs are standard, though you can upgrade to the Senna's CCMR discs fitted to our test car - they're 60% stronger and shed heat four times faster. With McLaren set to introduce hybridization across the range starting in 2021, we eagerly anticipate seeing where McLaren takes the Longtail sub-brand from here. I’d select the power adjusted steering column, power adjustable heated seats, and air conditioning as well. This is a new tack for me. Nonetheless, Senna represents the top of the line at McLaren, a status that is irresistible to the select car buyers with the means and iron stomach to acquire such a machine. The most powerful LT ever made… 765PS and 800Nm of torque from a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8. The letters in its name stand for Longtail, which indicates this McLaren means serious business. Despite a last-minute change of venues, McLaren's latest … But I also instinctively short-shifted to higher gears through more technical sections to stop the rear tires spinning, something that means the paddle shifters see frequent use. The doors flip open like switchblades; a rear spoiler extends automatically to act as an air brake at high speeds. And like every Longtail before it, the 765LT is totally focused on maximising its … There's also the arguably more important question of just how close the 765LT can come to the McLaren Senna, given the two share so much hardware and have similar briefs. This configurator is intended as a guide only and the designs, specifications or colours are subject to change. ... Prezzo. Most surfaces are covered in racy, lightweight Alcantara. And this is the most powerful LT yet, with a shattering 765PS. If 700 horsepower can be considered 'baby' in any way. I recommend retaining the 8-inch infotainment screen and associated capabilities; you’ll want that little luxury to ease the drives out and back to the track, which I expect many 765LT drivers will take. Or you could have just waited for the 765LT instead. The pice of the privilege to own one? Born from fearless engineering. There have been two LT … The air-conditioning and stereo are deleted as standard, accounting for 25 pounds of the overall weight saving, but they're no-cost options to add back in, and most owners will. Enhanced with LT engineering… Unsurprisingly it lands somewhere between the two dynamically on track - faster, less flighty, and more racecar serious than the former, but not as locked down, super-composed, and abrasive as the Senna. It makes every McLaren special. Alibaba Probe Stirs Worry About What’s Next for Chinese Tech, Ant Turning From Windfall to Nightmare for Global Investors, ‘My Daughter’s Gone. The stats are certainly promising: the 765LT produces 755 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque - up 45 hp and 22 lb-ft on a 720S - weighs in at a minimum dry weight of 2,709 lbs - just 68 lbs more than a Senna - and can shoot from 0-124 mph in just 7.0 seconds. The volcanic engine at the heart of the 765LT is living, breathing proof. McLaren The rest of the revised aero package includes the front bumper, underfloor, side skirts, and a rear diffuser, all in carbon fiber. Production of the 765LT coupe is restricted to 765 units, roughly 18% of the 4,100 cars the company is likely to sell globally in 2021. The $1 million Senna is a 789-horsepower sports car made to dominate the racetrack. Per conoscere questo modello nuovissimo di auto da corsa avremmo dovuto aspettare il Salone di Ginevra, recentemente annullato per paura del Coronavirus. The top speed drops from 217 mph to 205 mph due to the shorter gearing, but you get there faster: try 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. The changes improve both grip and balance on the road. Forget 0-60mph… the McLaren 765 LT can get to 124mph in 7.0 seconds, and won’t stop until it hits 205mph. The new LT aerodynamic package comes in carbon fiber for the front splitter, front bumper, front floor, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, and larger ‘Longtail’ (LT) active rear wing. The shorter gear ratios are perhaps a mixed blessing. Do not buy this car if you hate ostentation or if you suffer from tinnitus—it will only further agitate your agitation.). It’s noticeably longer (by 2.3 inches) and more svelte than its predecessor, the 720S, with a cacophony of unique carbon-fiber aerodynamic wonders on the front splitter, sides, and rear that provide ventilation and ease air flow. The new quad titanium exhaust system, Formula 1-grade transmission materials, thinner glass, and motorsport-style polycarbonate glazing on the car make for—and therefore quicker—driving. The 720S was launched at the Geneva Motor Show on 7 March 2017 and is built on a modified carbon monocoque, which is lighter and stiffer in contrast to the 650S. Optimised gear ratios – with a unique final drive built from Formula 1 grade materials. For the McLaren lover, the car presents an exceptional value for money. But this is an even more serious cockpit, with thin carbon fiber seats like a Senna (lightweight carbon fiber seats are standard, but those fitted to our car are Senna-like 'Super-Lightweight' chairs), exposed carbon floors, and a new carbon transmission tunnel. The steering ratio is quicker, and the front end is 5mm lower and features a 6mm wider track (the rear runs the same height and width as the 720S) and single-rate springs replace the 720's dual-rate items. The Longtail's feel, ultimately, is more 'circuit-prepped 720S' than 'watered-down Senna'. That's quite a balancing act from McLaren, and there's no question we had a ball driving it around Silverstone. You can tell it’s special from your first glimpse of its dorsal fin and extensive mesh rear grill, its four centered tail pipes, and the new signature “Special” ($2,430) and “Elite” ($5,430) paint jobs in “Burton Blue” on the one I recently drove up California’s Route 2. McLaren will produce exactly 765 examples of the new Longtail supercar. You feel the extra fury all bundled up in the revised 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine, which relentlessly fires you down the straights and has impressive headroom at high revs - somewhere you'll find yourself quite frequently given the combination of shorter gearing and extra power. McLaren 765LT is the 755-hp proof that Woking's engineers have too much free time. Da a € McLarens have been known to drive owners crazy with plastic-y components and confusing, glitchy interior technologies. Few of us can note the differences between the 570S, 570GT, and 540C without painstaking examination. $358,000. Naturally, the chassis gets a comprehensive workover. (Those brake discs and calipers, by the way, are the same as those in the Senna and are Formula 1-inspired, with caliper cooling ducts so integrated they make for sublime brake pedal feel and stopping power par excellence.). You know the drill. Weight is saved through the use of a titanium exhaust system, Formula-1 … The bodywork contributes significantly to weight saving, with components including lighter wheels (-49 lbs), new carbon fiber parts (-32 lbs), and lighter glazing and a polycarbonate rear screen (-13 lbs). Shaquille O'Neal's Ferrari F355 Spider Is MASSIVE Inside, Something's Happening With Mitsubishi's Reborn Evolution, Albania's First Supercar Looks Spectacular, 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Look A Lot Like This, Japan Gets Serious About Banning Gasoline-Powered Cars, Mercedes-AMG GT Sedans Have An Embarrassing Problem, © 2010-2020 CarBuzz Inc. All Rights Reserved. In comparison to the 720S, the front ride height is lower by 5mm (the rear is unchanged) and the front track is 6mm wider. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is also upgraded, with 15% shorter ratios than a 720S, exotic 20NiCh nickel-chrome - normally found in F1 - for the final drive's crown wheel and pinion, and a new downshift feature so you can summon a downshift before the engine can deliver it, but then provides it as soon there's enough headroom for revs. McLaren hopes you know by now that the Longtail name shouldn't be taken too literally, it's more of an ethos. We've come to Silverstone in the UK to see if this latest and most powerful ever Longtail can live up to the legend. LT is to McLaren what RS is to Porsche. Super-aggressive Senna-style Pirelli Trofeo R tires are also standard. It’s a formula McLaren has got down pat now. The big emphasis for McLaren engineers when they designed the 765LT was losing weight, compared to the 720S, which I detected in the car’s hyper-nimble and lusty V8 engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as soon as we launched up Angeles Crest. In the parallel universe of McLaren ownership, that makes a lot of sense. Per la quarta iterazione della sigla LT “Long Tail” (dopo la leggendaria F1 Long Tail, la 675 LT del 2015 e la 600 LT del 2018) la McLaren ha scelto di trasformare in un “animale da pista” la supercar della famiglia Super Series, la 720S. The car is extremely low—5mm lower in the front than the already stressfully low 720S—but an essential push-button lift kit to help prevent the front fender from scratching over speed bumps comes as a no-cost option. And of course there's a mighty backstory in the McLaren F1 Longtails that raced at Le Mans in the 1990s with longer, drag-cheating bodywork. It’s fundamentally the same world-beating powerhouse you’ll find in the 720S. Clearly, they're key in generating headline-grabbing acceleration times, and the 765LT certainly gobbles through its powerband for more visceral acceleration than even the 720S. Production of the 765LT coupe is restricted to 765 units, roughly 18% of the 4,100 cars the company is likely to sell globally in 2021. The British manufacturer assembled just 500 copies of the 675LT Spider and, … The new extended front splitter and elongated active rear wing work with the carbon fiber floor, door blades, and two-inch higher rear diffuser to deliver downforce 25% greater than that available to a McLaren 720S. McLaren has a history of producing so many cars so imperceptibly different in look and performance it befuddles consumers and critics alike. But there's no question: the powertrain is weapons-grade effective and super-responsive too, partly because the typical McLaren turbo-lag isn't an issue on a fast track like this. It's here where it's apparent that the huge aerodynamic squash of the Senna is missing. Other than the carbon bits, most of the body is aluminum, but McLaren's MSO department has already produced one car with a full carbon body. Details Of SSC Tuatara's Baby Brother Come To Light. Hydraulically interconnected dampers remain, but the dampers themselves are all-new. McLaren introduces the 2021 765LT, its new supercar with 755-hp, a 205-mph top speed, and less weight than the 720S to reach a new level of performance. It’s not even a Porsche. Just 765 will ever be produced. The latter constitutes a 754-hp twin-turbo V-8 that roars like a lion in heat. It'll then blitz the quarter-mile in 9.9 seconds. LT. Those two letters have great meaning in the McLaren iconography, invoking, among other things, the racetrack at Le Mans. McLaren says the 765LT is still a road car at heart, though we’re not sure we’d want to pop to Lidl in this. The pice of the privilege to own one? The car swooshes and cuts through canyon roads like a rapier: instantaneous, sharp, and demanding. It's certainly nowhere near the immense 1,764 lbs claimed by the Senna at 155 mph, but there's no question which car is easier on the eye when parked in the pits - the 765LT is a stunner. My Mother’s Gone’: How One Family Is Coping With Loss, Stocks Rally to Records as Investors Cheer Aid: Markets Wrap, China Tells Ant to Return to Its Payment Roots, Places Curbs. A third of those will be sent to the U.S. Not too many more will be made than the extraterrestrial Senna, all things considered—but if you hurry, you’ll have a fighting chance. 0 McLaren 765 LT for sale What makes a McLaren car special: Bruce McLaren was a racing prodigy. Its carbon ceramic brakes and body harmonized into some perfectly balanced ballet as I rushed up and down California’s mountain roads, the downhill portions infinitely more technical than driving uphill. To the big question of where the 765LT sits between the 720S and Senna? At $358,000, 755-horsepower, and a whippet-thin 2,709 pounds, it presents all of the driving thrill of the Senna at a fraction of the cost, and no vomit bag needed. The interior of the McLaren 765LT fits two people. Best yet, as I alluded to earlier, it offers more usability for daily driving—offering such things as the Rear View Camera and Parking Sensors that come standard on cars slated for the U.S. market. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? If you missed out on the Senna or want something slightly more suitable to highway driving on your way to the track, this new Longtail is worth considering. You still step over a large carbon fiber sill and sink down into a perfect low-set driving position. McLaren has revealed that the new Longtail clocked a sub-ten-second quarter-mile. hared DNA. Our test car was also fitted with an optional half roll cage/harness bar that did little to restrict visibility but everything to add an extra dose of motorsport cool. Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. The 765 LT was first announced by McLaren earlier this year.Based on the 720 S, it is a stripped-down, carbon-fiber speed machine that tips the scale at 176 pounds lighter than its older sibling.

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