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Frankenstein is a 1931 American pre-Code science fiction horror film directed by James Whale, produced by Carl Laemmle Jr., and adapted from a 1927 play by Peggy Webling, which in turn was based on Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. [53] That same year, Frankenstein was included as part of the six-film Blu-ray set Universal Classic Monsters Collection, which also includes Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man. Frankenstein's monster or Frankenstein's creature, often referred to as simply "Frankenstein", is a fictional character who first appeared in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.Shelley's title thus compares the monster's creator, Victor Frankenstein, to the mythological character Prometheus, who fashioned humans out of clay and gave them fire. As a result, the head of production, Carl Laemmle Jr., announced immediate plans for more horror films.[6]. The scene in which the Monster throws the little girl, Maria, into the lake and accidentally drowns her has long been controversial. He stitches together parts from the dead bodies of criminals executed at the gallows. Frankenstein ist besessen davon, selbst zum Schöpfer zu werden. The Monster enjoys the game, but when they run out of flowers he thinks Maria will float as well, so he throws her into the lake where, to his puzzlement, she disappears beneath the surface. She then wrote Frankenstein. Fu pubblicato nel 1818 e modificato dall'autrice per una seconda edizione del 1831. Alongside Clive and Karloff, the film's cast also includes Mae Clarke, John Boles, Dwight Frye, and Edward Van Sloan. In June 2017, producer/director Alex Kurtzman revealed that Frankenstein is one of the films that will have an installment in the Dark Universe. By 1953, all the Frankenstein re-releases earned an estimated profit of $12 million. Son of Frankenstein featured Basil Rathbone as Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi as bearded hunchback Ygor, and Lionel Atwill as Inspector Krogh. The resulting creature, often known as Frankenstein's monster, is portrayed by Boris Karloff. In der ursprünglichen Fassung stirbt Franken… It's alive!" The film will also focus on the religious aspects of Shelley's tale. [10], As with many Pre-Code films that were reissued after strict enforcement of the Production Code in 1934, Universal made cuts from the original camera negative,[14] and thus the cut footage are often lost. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Jones stated that he learned of the news the same day as everybody else; that "Guillermo did say to the press that he's already cast me as his monster, but we've yet to talk about it. Although he was partially covered by a surgical drape, Karloff's abdomen was otherwise exposed during the scene and the high-voltage arc "scissors" threw white-hot bits of metal when they were used to create flashes. [68] Del Toro said of his vision, "What I'm trying to do is take the myth and do something with it, but combining elements of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein without making it just a classical myth of the monster. [78] In March 2020, it was announced that Robbie Thompson was hired to serve as screenwriter, with the plot revolving around a group of teenagers who discover that a neighbor is creating a monster in their basement. The fifth installment, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man was released in 1943, directed by Roy William Neill, and starring Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's Monster. The original relevant passage was: VICTOR: "Henry, in the name of God!" Frankenstein ist die erste Tonverfilmung des Romans von Mary Shelley. It is sometimes called the world's first science fiction novel. Littérature Roman. The monster develops understanding of simple things such as temperatures of hot and cold, sounds of birds chirping, and the differences between the sun and the moon. Although Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant is often referred to as "Igor" in descriptions of the films, he is not so called in the earliest films. They are to marry as soon as Waldman arrives. A történet sajátos jegyei folytán az irodalmon és a populáris kultúrán keresztül meghatározta a horrortörténetek és -filmek egy teljes műfaját. He said that the film "aroused so much excitement at the Mayfair yesterday that many in the audience laughed to cover their true feelings." Although this is often regarded as one of the worst decisions of Lugosi's career, in actuality, the part that Lugosi was offered was not the same character that Karloff eventually played. Januar 1818[1] erstmals anonym veröffentlicht wurde. Frankenstein is a 1931 horror movie.It was directed by James Whale.It is based on the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.The movie stars Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, and Boris Karloff.The movie was a great success with both audiences and critics. Its fright is mistaken by Frankenstein and Waldman as an attempt to attack them, and it is chained in the dungeon. Frankenstein gilt heute als Name des Monsters, aber im Roman ist das lediglich der Name seines Schöpfers: Victor Frankenstein. In both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein has an assistant who is played both times by Dwight Frye who is crippled. In 1991, the United States Library of Congress selected Frankenstein for preservation in the National Film Registry as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."[4][5]. They find the Monster has climbed to the top, dragging Henry with him. [32], Frankenstein also received recognition from the American Film Institute. [8] After several disastrous make-up tests (said to resemble that of Paul Wegener in The Golem), the Dracula star left the project. Shelley's name appears on the second edition, published in France in 1823. His fall is broken by the vanes of the windmill, saving his life. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Bergen Evans, "Comfortable Words," New York: Random House, 1957, Bryan Garner, "A Dictionary of Modern American Usage", New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998, "Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of American English", Merriam-Webster: 2002,, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones. [22], Frankenstein has continued to receive acclaim from critics and is widely regarded as one of the best films of 1931,[23][24][25][26] as well as one of the greatest movies of all time. The make-up for the monster was provided by Jack Pierce. Der Film nimmt Horrorfilme der 1930er Jahre auf die Schippe. The year she published "The Modern Prometheus", known as Frankenstein was 1818. Frankenstein befindet sich im Tal der Striegis an der Verbindungsstraße zwischen Frankenberg/Sa. Michael Brunas, John Brunas & Tom Weaver, Bela Lugosi was born outside the western border of, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 49th greatest movie quote in American cinema, 100 Years... 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition), Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein, List of films with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, List of films featuring Frankenstein's monster, "U.S. Film Registry Adds 25 'Significant' Movies", "Complete National Film Registry Listing: National Film Preservation Board", "Irish Film Censors' Records – Trinity College Dublin", "Most Popular Feature Films Released in 1931", "Films Selected to the National Film Registry, Library of Congress 1989 to 2009", "AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) Official Ballot", "AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains: The 400 Nominated Characters", "Frankenstein (Universal Monsters Classic Collection) [VHS]", "Frankenstein (Classic Monster Collection) [VHS]", "Frankenstein (Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection) [DVD]", "Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein / Son of Frankenstein / The Ghost of Frankenstein / House of Frankenstein) [DVD]", "Frankenstein – The Legacy Collection (Frankenstein / Bride of / Son of / Ghost of / House of)", "Frankenstein (75th Anniversary Edition) [DVD]", "Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray]", "Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection Blu-ray", "Universal Classic Monsters Collection Blu-ray", "Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection [DVD]", "Walmart Releases Universal Monsters Classics With Glow-In-Dark Covers! [29] In 1991, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant". Prvé vydanie vyšlo anonymne v Londýne v roku 1818, Shelleyovej meno sa objavilo až na revidovanom treťom vydaní, vydanom v roku 1831. Frankenstein chases the monster to the Arctic, and dies pursuing the creature. Dracula was also featured in the film, played by John Carradine. [79], Pre-Code era scenes and censorship history. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "Frankensteins Monster" – Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen. was ranked as the 49th greatest movie quote in American cinema. Since publication of the novel, the name "Frankenstein" is often used to refer to the monster itself. Frye also appears in later films in the series, such as in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943). The scientist triumphantly shouts, 'It's alive!'. Frankenstein in der Internet Movie Database (englisch) Frankenstein in der Online-Filmdatenbank; Frankenstein. As he is preparing to vivisect it, the Monster awakens and strangles him. Mary, Percy, Lord Byron, and his doctor John Polidori decided to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story. Other than during the opening credits, a short section where a village band plays on screen, and the final credits, there is no musical soundtrack to the film. und Freiberg. [55] In 2015, the six-film Universal Classic Monsters Collection was released on DVD. Bride was directed by James Whale. Maria's father arrives, carrying his drowned daughter's body. The peasants hear his cries and they regroup to follow. The film opened in New York City at the Mayfair Theatre on December 4, 1931, and grossed $53,000 in one week. Frankenstein was followed by a string of sequels, beginning with Bride of Frankenstein (1935), in which Elsa Lanchester plays the Monster's bride. Autorka román napísala ako 18-ročná. It would be a dream come true. The movie features Lon Chaney Jr. as the Monster, taking over from Boris Karloff, who played the role in the first three films of the series, and Bela Lugosi in his second appearance as the demented Ygor. Speaking to Victor Frankenstein, the monster refers to himself as "the Adam of your labors", and elsewhere as someone who "would have" been "your Adam", but is instead "your fallen angel.". [47][48] In September 2006, Universal released Frankenstein on DVD as a two-disc "75th Anniversary Edition", as part of the "Universal Legacy Series". Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus ("Frankenstein; ia̍h, Hiān-tāi Prometheus") sī Eng-lân chok-ka Mary Shelley (1797–1851 nî) siá ê siáu-soat, leh kóng siàu-liân kho-ha̍k-ka Victor Frankenstein tī chi̍t kái hui-chèng-thóng kho-ha̍k si̍t-giām tang-tiong chhòng-chō chhut bái-khoán, ū tì-hūi ê oa̍h-mi̍h ê kò͘-sū. Some of the parts are stolen from freshly buried bodies in a cemetery, and some come from the bodies of recently hanged criminals. Beside it Dracula is tame and, incidentally, Dracula was produced by the same firm. Der Film ist abrufbar im Internet Archive; Das Dokument des Grauens. As Henry and Waldman consider the Monster's fate, they hear a shriek from the dungeon. Dr. Frankenstein welcomes it into his laboratory and asks his creation to sit, which it does. [60], On August 28, 2018, Frankenstein and its sequels were included in the Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection Blu-ray box set. He is unable to talk. Frankenstein and Waldman run down and find that the Monster has strangled Fritz. Some of the villagers hurry him to his home while the rest of the mob set the windmill ablaze, with the Monster trapped inside. In 1930, Universal Studios had lost $2.2 million in revenues. "[10] Florey later wrote that "the Hungarian actor didn't show himself very enthusiastic for the role and didn't want to play it." This film featured Karloff's last full film performance as the Monster. [51][52] In September 2013, Frankenstein received a standalone Blu-ray release. English Mrs Schleicher, good authors would say your text was about teratogenesis, that is, the production of monsters, a discipline in which the good Dr Frankenstein distinguished himself before you. The decision was overturned by the Appeal Board on March 8, and the film was passed uncut on March 9. Frankenstein's Monster, despite its grotesque form, seems to be an innocent, childlike creation. [36], The film was ranked number 56 on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills, a list of America's most heart-pounding movies. Shelley was able to give her book. Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who wants to create life itself. At a nearby school, Henry's former teacher Dr. Waldman still teaches, showing his class the brain of an average human being and the corrupted brain of a criminal so that they can compare the two. "[69] He has also cited Bernie Wrightson's illustrations as inspiration, and said the film will not focus on the monster's creation, but be an adventure film featuring the character. [40], In 1986, MCA Home Video released Frankenstein on LaserDisc. Frankenstein ya da Modern Prometheus, İngiliz yazar Mary Shelley (1797–1851) tarafından yazılan ve genç bir bilim insanı olan Victor Frankenstein'ın yarattığı alışılmışın dışında bir bilimsel deneyde garip şekilli ama akıllı bir yaratığın hikâyesini ele alan romandır. It might even horrify you. According to this same source, Strickfaden also doubled for Karloff during the creation scene, as Karloff was afraid of being burned by sparks being thrown off the arcing electrical equipment simulating lightning. I think it will thrill you. Accordingly, the equipment used to produce them has come to be referred to in fan circles as "Strickfadens". [38] Additionally, the Chicago Film Critics Association named it the 14th scariest film ever made. With preparations for the wedding completed, Henry is serenely happy with Elizabeth. After thinking for weeks about what her possible storyline could be, Shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by the result. He discovers the world through sensing and observing. Its review also singled out the look of the film as uniquely praiseworthy, calling the photography "splendid" and the lighting "the last word in ingenuity, since much of the footage calls for dim or night effect and the manipulation of shadows to intensify the ghostly atmosphere. [58][59] In September 2017, the film received a Best Buy-exclusive steelbook Blu-ray release with cover artwork by Alex Ross. Übersetzung für 'Frankenstein' im kostenlosen Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Englisch-Übersetzungen. [72] Despite this, he has already cast frequent collaborator Doug Jones in the role of Frankenstein's monster. It was followed by multiple sequels, including The Bride of Frankenstein and The Son of Frankenstein. He stitches together parts from the dead bodies of criminals executed at the gallows. But Fritz accidentally drops and damages it, and so brings Frankenstein the corrupt brain instead. When the door is unlocked the Monster lunges at Frankenstein as Waldman injects the drug into the Monster's back. Produced and distributed by Universal Pictures, the film was a commercial success upon release, and was generally well received by both critics and audiences. Later, Henry is at home, recovered and preparing for his wedding while Waldman examines the Monster. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 2. Boris Karloff, der das Monster spielte, gelang mit Frankenstein der Durchbruch als Schauspieler. So, if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now's your chance to uh, well,––we warned you. Kenneth Strickfaden designed the electrical effects that were used in the "creation scene". This usage is sometimes considered erroneous, but usage commentators regard the monster sense of "Frankenstein" as well-established and an acceptable usage. Der Inhalt ist verfügbar unter CC … Frankenstein is a 1931 American pre-Code science fiction horror film directed by James Whale, produced by Carl Laemmle Jr., and adapted from a 1927 play by Peggy Webling, which in turn was based on Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. "[21], The movie was banned in China under a category of "superstitious films" due to its "strangeness" and unscientific elements. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Frankenstein im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). "[20], John Mosher of The New Yorker was less enthused, calling the film only a "moderate success" and writing that "The makeup department has a triumph to its credit in the monster and there lie the thrills of the picture, but the general fantasy lacks the vitality which that little Mrs. P.B. It spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs, and has had a significant impact on popular culture, with the imagery of a scientist's hunchbacked assistant—as well as the film's depiction of Frankenstein's monster—becoming iconic. It deals with the two great mysteries of creation; life and death. 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And Much More", "Guillermo del Toro on The Hobbit and Frankenstein", "Guillermo Del Toro Talks 'Hobbit' Casting, Creatures", "Dark Universe Adding Hunchback of Notre Dame & Phantom of the Opera", "Universal's "Monsterverse" in Peril as Top Producers Exit (Exclusive)", "James Wan Assembling New Take on 'Frankenstein, "The Invisible Man (2020) with Jason Blum & Leigh Whannell", "James Wan Developing Monster Movie for Universal (Exclusive)", Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove, Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster,, Films made before the MPAA Production Code, United States National Film Registry films, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from November 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2018, Articles that may contain original research from December 2020, All articles that may contain original research, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Karloff would return to the wearing of the makeup and to the role of the monster one last time in a 1962 episode of the television show, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 04:06. Bride of Frankenstein (sometimes The Bride of Frankenstein) is a 1935 Universal Pictures science fiction horror movie. During the search, Henry becomes separated from the group and is discovered by the Monster, who attacks him. The initial director was Robert Florey, who had re-characterized the Monster as a simple killing machine, without a touch of human interest or pathos, unlike in the original Shelley novel. [10] Those states also objected to a line they considered blasphemous that occurred during Frankenstein's exuberance when he first learns that his creature is alive. Boris Karloff has the tragedy element nailed down but there are so many versions, including that great screenplay by Frank Darabont that was ultimately not really filmed. . Er erschafft aus Leichenteilen einen künstlichen Menschen, den er mittels Elektrizität zum Leben erweck… He brings his creation to life during an electrical storm. Guillermo del Toro had expressed interest in directing the reboot film for Universal. [10], Florey and Lugosi were given the Murders in the Rue Morgue film, as a consolation. Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who wants to create life itself. In June 1932, the film had earned reported rentals of $1.4 million. It may shock you. HENRY: "In the name of God? They were so successful that such effects came to be considered an essential part of every subsequent Universal film involving Frankenstein's Monster. Fritz did not originate from the Frankenstein novel, and instead originated from the earliest recorded play adaptation, Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein, where he was played by Robert Keeley.[65][66]. Thinking that it is not fit for society and will wreak havoc at any chance, they leave the Monster locked up, where Fritz antagonizes it with a torch. Frankenstein oder Frankenstein oder Der moderne Prometheus (Original: Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus) ist ein Roman von Mary Shelley, der am 1. Frankensteins Sohn (Originaltitel Son of Frankenstein) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm der Universal Studios aus dem Jahr 1939 unter der Regie von Rowland V. Lee und ist nach Frankensteins Braut die zweite und letzte Fortsetzung von Frankenstein mit Boris Karloff in der Rolle der künstlich erschaffenen „Kreatur“. He eats roots, nuts, and berries when he is hungry. English: Budget: $397,000: Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: Bride of Frankenstein: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bride of Frankenstein (film). Eventually, an edited version was released in Kansas. Meanwhile, the Monster enters Elizabeth's room, causing her to scream. [57] That same year, the Complete Legacy Collection was released on Blu-ray. Actors who worked on the project either were, or shortly became familiar to the fans of the Universal horror films. In Bride of Frankenstein, Frye plays "Karl" a murderer who stands upright but has a lumbering metal brace on both legs that can be heard clicking loudly with every step. The first edition was published anonymously in London in 1818. [54] The next year, Universal released Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection on DVD.

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