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6 Present perfect simple e continuous (25-27, 30-31) Present perfect simple – uso Si usa il present perfect per esprimere un evento o una situazione che hanno conseguenze nel presente o per parlare di un’azione iniziata nel passato e che continua nel presente. Present perfect continuous exercises. Students > Solutions > Upper-Intermediate > Grammar > Exercise 2 - Past perfect simple and continuous. He/she is interested in the process as well as the result, and this process may still be going on, or may have just finished. Simple: HAD + past participle An action occurred before another action in the past. exercise 1: fill in the correct verb form of the past perfect or present perfect continuous; exercise 2: fill in the correct verb form of the past perfect or present perfect continuous (plus explanation); exercise 3: fill in the correct verb form of the past perfect or present perfect continuous Click here to review how to make the present perfect continuous. Present Perfect / Perfect Progressive All Tenses Exercises. Click here to return to the list of English grammar exercises. Present tense quiz . Exercises Past Perfect (I had gone) and Past Perfect Continuous (I had been going). Simple Future ; Future Continuous ; Future Perfect ; Future Perfect Cont. Dispensa d'Inglese - una grammatica semplificata            by Lewis Baker, 60 irregular verbs - suddivisi in 6 gruppi. (you/to know) You look dirty. Used to ; Would Always ; Future in the Past ; Verb Tense Exercise 13 Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous . The present perfect continuous is used to refer to an unspecified time between 'before now' and 'now'. Present perfect simple or Past simple 4. Esercizi > Verbi > Il passato > Present Perfect vs Past Simple Exercises Da questa pagina si può accedere agli esercizi sull'uso del present perfect e del passato semplice (past simple vs present perfect exercises) dei verbi inglesi nelle sue varie forme: affermativa, negativa, interrogativa, interrogativa-negativa e risposte brevi. Present perfect and present perfect progressive exercises. I lived in Miami, Florida. Decide if you need to use the simple past or the present perfect simple.. news reports) often with words like just, recently and lately: b)   actions which have a result in the present: c)   actions in a period of time which is not yet finished, and experiences in someone's life so far, often with yet, so far, ever, for and since. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! The present perfect continuous tense links the past to the present (as well as the present perfect simple) and we use it to describe: (1) Unfinished situations or periods of time [ English level B1 ] We . Past Perfect Continuous Positive Form. Geography, history, politics, literature... Do not copy or translate - site protected by an international copyright. I never get up from the table before others ---- (finish). Esercizio sul present perfect, il past simple e il past perfect. Need more practice? 3. Condividi questa lezione. Will (futuro) 10. Choose the present perfect simple or continuous. Complete the sentences with the past OR the present perfect (simple or continuous). Example: I / you / we / they have spoken he / she / it has spoken: regular verbs: infinitive + ed. Past simple, past continuous, past perfect – grammar chart . How long Gerry? In english when a tense is “perfect” it means that you have to add the past participle. Example: I worked: regular verbs: form of 'have' + infinitive + ed . Did you hear that Ben was fired last month? Click here to review how to make the present perfect. Simple Past. Present Perfect vs. Mind the word order. Why (you/call/not) him yet? Write sentences in present perfect simple. football yesterday. Present perfect continuous or Present perfect simple 5. Download full-size image from Pinterest . Past Perfect ; Past Perfect Cont. Esercizi gratuiti per imparare l'Inglese: Past perfect or past perfect continuous? Vero. Unisciti al Bringlese English Class! Use either the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Progressive. to Italy. He (tell/already) you why he won’t be able to come. Esercizi di grammatica inglese sulle differenze tra il past simple e il present perfect tense. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. This tutorial is about the present perfectand the present perfect continuous. Past simple We use the past simple to talk about completed actions in the past. The past simple is used to talk about completed actions at a particular point in the past, often with dates or times and words like yesterday, last and ago:. Esercizi supplementari (con risposte) 1. a)   recent actions or events when no fixed time is given (e.g. I had heard the song many times before. signal words: for, since, always, lately, recently John and Peggy . Download this exercise in PDF. Falso. Present perfect and present perfect continuous/ progressive video tutorial. John ______ in Paris for 4 years before he could speak French fluently. Decide if you need to use the present perfect simple or the progressive.. Present Perfect Simple vs. Past Simple. The form of the past perfect continuous is had + been + verb (-ing). Kurt went to Canada in 1991.; I didn't see you yesterday. signal words on Monday (referring to the past) → simple past; I (give) you his phone number last month. Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous when to use the Present Perfect. Quanto inglese s'impara andando in un paese anglofono? the book. Some verbs (called stative verbs) are not normally used in the continuous form, e.g. I (study) all day, but I am afraid I (learn/not) much. Present simple 2. Review how to make the past perfect continuous here. f t p. Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. 1st space: duration → present perfect progressive|2nd space: result → present perfect simple; Andrew (eat) two bars of chocolate today. I . We’ ve had this car for years. 3/8. When we use the past simple, the event we are talking about must be finished in the past. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Download this quiz in PDF here. Simple Past Present Perfect Simple; irregular verbs: see 2nd column of irregular verbs. my friend two days ago. Now they can watch the film. Fill in the blanks with Present Perfect or Past Perfect Tenses. Vero. Past perfect continuous 9. Do you need help? The past simple is used to talk about completed actions at a particular point in the past, often with dates or times and words like yesterday, last and ago: The Present perfect is used to talk about. By LeslyZoe This worksheet is to practice present perfect simple and past simple with clues to help students decide which of the two tenses to employ... 2,832 Downloads . (to learn) 4. I had lived in New York City before. Esercizi su uso costruzione e regole del past perfect continuous progressive della grammatica inglese (you/to do) How many times New York? Condividi questa lezione. If John does not get here in the next five minutes, I am going to leave. Perché tradurre dall'italiano in inglese? Peter . Complete the sentences. Esercizi gratuiti per imparare l'inglese: Present perfect e present perfect continuous tenses In the interrogative form of the present perfect, the subject is between the verb "to have" and the past participle. Going to (futuro) 11. 09 S. Past / Continuous; 10 S. Past / Continuous; Simple Past / Past Perfect; 11 S. Past / Past Perfect; 12 S. Past / Past Perfect; Will-Fut. The speaker is thinking about something that started but perhaps did not finish in that period of time. Where were you? Welcome! It looks new again. 3/12. Present Perfect Simple or Continuous Exercise 1. 2/12. Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive – contrasted. Il Present Continuous. another country before. The present perfect continuous is used to talk about actions which started in the past and are still happening, or which have recently stopped but have a result in the present: Click here to see the current stats of this English test. (the action is finished) In a story, we use the past simple to talk about past events in chronological order; i.e. Past perfect simple / continuous. for a state or action which has started in the past, gone on up to the present and continues past the time of speaking (I hav e been ill for a week.) result → present perfect simple; The boy’s clothes are dirty because he (play) in the mud. Present perfect continuous. But we must use the present perfect simple with stative verbs, and we normally use the present perfect continuous with dynamic verbs (although the present perfect simple is also possible.) The past participle is the second tense of the verb. Remember that the present perfect always has some sort of connection with the present, whereas the past simple happens at a specific time in the past. Past simple / Present perfect (simple / continuous) Past simple and Present perfect. They . they / ask / a question - he / speak / English - I / be / in my room - we / not / wash / the car - Annie / not / forget / her homework - Write questions in present perfect simple. I had been hearing the song many times before. Keep working on your studies.. Frank and Helena / Cultura / Getty Images You'll need to review the past simple and present perfect carefully. Perché è importante conoscere la grammatica? Vero. The game is a student's design and his ideas for clip ar... 4,788 Downloads . We ate out yesterday. Show example. Complete the sentences. Past perfect simple 8. She . signal word already → present perfect; The children (go/not) to school on Monday. It gives the teacher the opportunity to explore certain topics. ( had lived, had sung …). 1/8. Il present continuous (conosciuto anche come Present Progressive) è utilizzato nelle seguenti situazioni: per descrivere un’azione ancora in corso; per descrivere una situazione temporanea o a breve termine . Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Past Simple 6. the car. Present perfect continuous or Present perfect simple, The ......, the ...... (più ....., più ......), As long as / until / till / up to / as far as, Since, for e from .... to (nelle espressioni di tempo), Still, yet, already, almost, quite e just. (to steal) 2. know, like, understand, believe, hear, etc. (6 lezioni per $10 al mese!) We can use either the present perfect simple or continuous for situations that started in the past and still continue. 1. When I went to the car park, I found that my car ______ . It is already 9:30 pm and I ---- (wait) here for over an hour. Past continuous 7. Present Perf. 2. the main events of a story. Includ... 633 Downloads . Example: How long ? I ______ English for 5 years now. Esercizio sul present perfect e il past perfect. Example: I spoke: irregular verbs: form of 'have' + 3rd column of irregular verbs. (your sister/to drive) Answer: How long has your sister been driving? Present Perfect Continuous for a group or online one-to-one class. What all day? 1. La struttura. Falso. The Present perfect is used to talk about. I’ve invited Lucy to my party. 1/12 . 2/8. Una delle richieste per un video che ricevo di più è questo... ora capirete tutto! (to live) 3. By JPD31 The aim is to react to the photos by answering the questions asked, in order to give an explanation for the situation. Last year we . 07 S.Past / Present Perfect; 08 S.Past / Present Perfect; Simple Past or Past Progr. Do we use the present perfect for events in the present or in the past? The present perfec... 550 Downloads . Have you finished your homework? Cont. We can use indiscriminately the past simple and the present perfect, because their difference is just formal. A Halloween themed board game to practice Present Perfect and Past Simple tense. Falso. Have / have got 12. Present continuous 3. Vero.

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