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Glücklicherweise waren an dem Tag auch beide daheim. You very eloquently describe the garden in your Flickr slide-show “an opportunity to experience Oudolf’s design aesthetic at perhaps its most personal – this garden is surely the crucible of his artistry”. I intend to experiment with a similar layout at my home in central Illinois. I was also in Hummelo this year on my own pilgrimage to Grassendaggen and loved reading your most informed account of the experience – and you really documented it well. Piet Oudolf’s garden at home in Hummelo, The Netherlands Wallpaper*: How are you doing currently, at home in Hummelo? Oudolf Garden Detroit is an all-volunteer group dedicated to placing and maintaining a Piet Oudolf designed garden on Belle Isle in Detroit. For visitors outside the garden world, it was Anja you met, always hospitable and welcoming. Thanks for your comments! Piet Oudolf garden movie to be screened online this weekend . http://www.flickr.com/photos/43560604@N03/sets/72157622643723868/. Piet Oudolf: We are doing well. I had seen many photos of this garden. Contact: T: +31 (0)314 381 120 F: +31 (0)314 381 199. December’s Plant Pick of The Month is Moor Grass (Sesleria). So, you have until October 27th to see Piet and Anja’s private garden at Hummelo. The style that Oudolf is associated with is difficult to define or even name. He is a celebrated and internationally renowned Dutch landscape designer. An Antipasti! (Ah! Due to the large number of photos I collected over the two days I visited the Oudolf’s garden I’ve divided them into Flickr slide-shows so readers will have an opportunity to ‘walk through’ the property in a somewhat logical fashion (Approach, Front Garden, Patio Garden, Studio, Trial Garden and Nursery). It may prove useful to reference the image when viewing the slideshows. Piet Oudolf. Piet would tend to go off and hide in his office, so speaking with him became something of a privilege; but then if it was him who was doing the meeting and greeting I suspect we would long ago have seen our last new Oudolf garden. TRIAL GARDEN (click on the photo below to open a Flickr slide-show). In recent years, influences on his designs include travels abroad to Europe, Asia and the Yucatan peninsula as well as observation of the work of great plantsmen such as Piet Oudolf and Roy Diblik. Sounds like a great trip Tony! Panicum is an incredibly competitive grower and yet in April is still dormant, so the mertensias can do their thing and then go dormant for the summer. Welcome back at Mercurelli's blog and thank you for all the lovely comments left here and on Facebook. On a personal note, I introduced myself to Piet after I had toured the property. Adam, Oudolf masterfully created a sense of anticipation using of hedges to obscure views into the main garden (from the drive and the turf area), gaps in the hedges to allow glimpses in and focal points (like the bed of Miscanthus) to direct the eye until he was ready to reveal the garden. If you would like to see images of the hundreds of plants sold at the Oudolf’s nursery, follow the link to a Flickr slide-show (all images in the slide-show are courtesy Piet & Anja Oudolf). (from Oudolf Hummelo) Piet Oudolf is a renowned Dutch garden and landscape designer at the forefront of the New Perennial movement. As a designer that was an impactful moment! I was struck by the obvious beauty and relative simplicity of the planting scheme as well as the borders effectiveness as a boundary and transition into a more contemporary space. Woodruff’s designs often combine grasses, prairie natives and perennials with lush tropical foliage and seasonal blooms. http://www.flickr.com/photos/43560604@N03/sets/72157622643723868/, November Musings: Art As An Inspiration For Gardening. I realized the garden I’d been dying to see was directly in front of me. Der Privatgarten von Anja und Piet Oudolf in Hummelo. Bill. T: 0314 38 1120 F:0314 38 1199 . One of the highlights of summer was my first trip to Europe, specifically to Piet & Anja Oudolf’s nursery and private garden in The Netherlands. I am a design student and I am doing a research project on Oudolf. However, I was not prepared for its impact in person (I even returned a second day to spend some time in the space, alone). I stayed in the incredibly charming town of Deventer around 20 miles north to get a feeling for the locale over the weekend. © Copyright 2020 Piet Oudolf. A year ago I was in Hummelo, The Netherlands visiting Piet and Anja Oudolf’s garden. My suggestion is to get onto his website and see if he offers contact info. Oudolf Hummelo; Partnership; Photographers; Planting: A New Perspective; Private Garden Anja & Piet Oudolf; Process of Making; References; Serpentine Gallery; Skärholmen; The Battery; Thews; Trentham; Vlinderhof; Walter Herfst; West Broadway; Westerkade; Wisley; i am post 796 and my parent is 733 ‹ terug naar het overzicht vlinderhof-5 . Bad Driburg. I’ve enjoyed all of his books. Several grass filled beds softened an expansive brick patio which joined the main house and two outbuildings. One of the park-like spaces Piet Oudolf designed, Chicago's Lurie Garden, remains closed. Du 1er novembre au 31 mars : sur rendez-vous uniquement. Broekstraat 17. Thanks for sharing with us — it is always a good thing to have something to dream about. I’ll offer a brief commentary on each area. Thanks so much – what a trip! Thank you for so many images. Country Mouse. Assorted perennials were interspersed with grasses in narrow rows. His wife Anja, who had taken over the nursery, kept the home fires burning, leaving Oudolf free to make gardens. Glad you found us through the Plant Pick of The Month column. A pic of how it used to look, the late 1990s. But the number of visitors to Hummelo increased exponentially, and the couple made the decision to close the nursery some years ago, and opened the garden for the final time in October 2018. One of the highlights of summer was my first trip to Europe, specifically to Piet & Anja Oudolf’s nursery and private garden in The Netherlands. Hummelo follows his career from small scale garden designer to international acclaim. On my same trip before the Netherlands, I also visited RHS Wisley to see Piet’s Glass House Borders—which are epic and astonishing. Private Garden Anja & Piet Oudolf; Process of Making; References; Serpentine Gallery; Skärholmen; The Battery; Thews; Trentham; Vlinderhof; Walter Herfst; West Broadway ; Westerkade; Wisley; i am post 728 and my parent is 723 ‹ terug naar het overzicht Hauser-and-Wirth_foto-4. Immediately in front of the stone terrace was a large turf area surrounded with mixed borders. The chronology starts in 1982 with Oudolf’s founding private garden, Hummelo, near the Netherlands village of the same name. Dear Sir, – thanks so much for this sharing – I may never get to Europe, so your description through pictures and words of Piet’s gardens and nursery was very fresh and most appreciated. Five Seasons‘ stunning widescreen panoramas showcase Oudolf’s own gardens at Hummelo in Holland, and his signature public works in New York (The High Line); Chicago (Lurie Gardens) and designs for Durslade – a garden he considers his best work yet. I had a difficult time paring down the photos so I chose to share all of them with our readers. When Oudolf first stumbled upon a tiny seedling at his nursery outside of Hummelo, Netherlands in 1982, it was not entirely foreseen how the propagation of this seedling would germinate into the future of Oudolf’s new style of perennial landscapes. APPROACH (click on the photo below to open a Flickr slide-show). Over the course of his career which spans over four decades, he has constructed dozens of private and corporate gardens, and collaborated on public spaces throughout the world, including … In diesem Sommer konnte ich dann endlich einmal den Privatgarten von Anja und Piet Oudolf von Anja und Piet Oudolf in Hummelo besuchen. One year it was Piet enthusing about these self-sown Mertensia virginica sprounting in the middle of really dense clumps of Panicum grass that made me realise how possible it is to combine plants whose physiologies mean that they grow at different times of year. So some borders are really old, 25 years plus even; a great opportunity to see what has survived over the years and how it has spread and seeded. Oudolf’s studio, a two year old contemporary brick structure, sits at the back of the property (it does not appear on the satellite image). As if itself has grown and continues to grow. In his more recent work, Oudolf's gardens mirror a 'perennial meadow', using and blending plants in a manner that occurs in natural landscapes. Yes, really! Oudolf chooses plants more for shape and texture than for their blooms. My close proximity to the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park in Chicago provides seasonal opportunities to appreciate the development of one of his grand scale gardens and study plant combinations in person. It may prove useful to reference the image when viewing the slideshows. hearing about your experience meeting him personally was very inspiring to me. It appears Piet has done just that! I walked through a gated entry and up a cobble drive to reach the main house and entrance. Renowned Netherlands-born garden designer Piet Oudolf uses his one-acre garden in the Dutch village of Hummelo to study perennials through the seasons. Oh you have made my morning. He also maintained the campus greenhouse, where he fell in love with tropicals. euphoria is great!) Address: Broekstraat 17 6999 DE Hummelo, NL Contact: T: +31 (0)314 381 120 F: +31 … Adam Woodruff has practiced garden design since 1995. End of an era as Piet Oudolf closes the garden at Hummelo. There was a lovely mixed border with ornamental trees, small shrubs and various perennials which flanked the drive (to the right) with hedging as a backdrop. The plants still need tending, the spring bulbs prepared for next year's bloom. Projects. I went for their Grass Days. Previous Image Next Image. Buy Hummelo by Oudolf, Piet online on Amazon.ae at best prices. See more ideas about piet, garden design, landscape design. I was taken with the Bush Clematis (C. heracleiaflora ‘China Purple’) in photos 2 and 3. The core design motif is the stuff of genius. From Amsterdam, it took about 2 1/2 hours (via train, then a bus) to reach the Oudolf’s property. I entered the front garden, near the house, through an opening in the hedge and onto a stone terrace where Stipa tennuissima volunteers were growing. Pépinière ouverte du 1er avril au 30 juin et du 1er août au 31 octobre, du mardi au samedi, de 10 à 16 h. Fermeture en juillet.

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