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At the head of this network is the popular Ranchera music singer "El Chepo" Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. In order to get to sleep he has to meet with Darek, a hypnotist who has given him insomnia. In contrast, she is responsible, a good friend, a single mother, and very efficient. At work, Matilde discovers that her new boss is Cristobal Moller, the man who left her more than eight years ago without knowledge that she was pregnant. Camelia risks it all to help him claim a large sum of money in a dirty business. Ana (Eva Longoria) is taken by surprise when her ex-husband, Xavi (Jencarlos Canela), joins the cast of her popular telenovela. She has all the emotional intelligence her boss lacks and she makes sure that all things move along smoothly for him, in such a way that his affairs with Berni, Franca and Barbara go unnoticed. His objective will be dealing a vicious payback on Yolanda Acosta, Gerardo Duarte and all those who dared to defy him in the past. She’s not doing it for vengeance, but to protect the one who matters to her the most: her son, Salvador; her devotion and only Achilles’ heel. Las Estrellas es el canal más visto de la TV en México. There she meets El Centauro, one of the most important drug lords in the country, who she falls in love with despite her skepticism towards men. Griselda Carrasco is humble and lives by strong ethical values​​. Presenting real life events and fictional characters, Hugo Chavez, El Comandante, showcases the fundamental aspects of a man’s life – a childhood guided by the love of a grandmother, conspiracies formed in the military academy, an experience behind bars, lovers and companions, and ambitions, the same ones that led him to rewrite history, ally with the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and defy not only the greatest power in the universe, but also a terrible cancer that led him to his imminent death, just as he was at the peak of his popularity. In the meantime… everyone is a suspect. He has confessed that he will be leaving her behind and returning to his wife, who is waiting for him back home. Mariana and Nicolas’ friends will try to help them, but first they must resolve their own conflicts, including infidelity, jealousy, ambition, and addiction. Regardless, Bernardo accepts, but a few days later death surprises him in a sudden accident. Not only are they complete but there are also many other telenovelas at the Univision and Telemundo websites. Because of this she took Amanda in and transformed her into the woman who would soon be known as Flor Salvaje. Miranda Cruz is a young woman who begins her career as a professor in the city of Miami at a high school specialized in the arts. Meanwhile, Bruno thinks he finds in his secretary Rosario, the perfect woman to help raise his children, without realizing her main goal is to live a life of luxury and comfort. The fall of Tichi Risopatrón has been brutal. Yuri is jealous of Jung-suh. Would You Take Your Ex Back? Copyright © 2020 Telemundo. Dolce Valentina Un Amore Puro. However, one day things get out of her control and Gaspar's three women turn up unexpectedly in the office at the same time. He is urged by unknown persons to shoot 7 of his colleagues and goes to prison. Since then, he has dedicated himself whole heartedly, with strict discipline, to the education and upbringing of his four children. After many years, the reunion of these friends marks the beginning of a new direction for Angela’s life, who decides to leave her business to become a bodyguard like her friend. But her heart now belongs to the husband of elegant society lady Teresa Cristina, Reinaldo, who is hopelessly in love with Griselda. Imagine having everything. Victor, frustrated with the disappearance of his wife Monica, and angered with organizations under his command, brings the country into chaos. His life changes when he gets his hands of the film A Devassa da Estudante (The Hot Student), and has his first encounter with Dora Dumar. When searching for their new home, Chivis accidentally meets Manuel Gallardo – their new neighbor, a widower, father of four children and leader of the fishing market. The Business tells the story of Karin, Luna and Magali, three attractive, intelligent women who come together with the aim of revolutionizing their chosen profession. Gonzalo Ibañez, Ignacia’s second husband, will be the newcomer who will try to find out what this family hides when he learns the reason why his wife’s ex-husband really died. Armando Quiroga is the wealthiest and most powerful man in Villa Ruiseñor. When she wakes up, Guadalupe finds Ernesto’s dead body lying beside her and a gun in her hand. Meanwhile he becomes the shadow of Manuel Ramirez Orjuela, alias “the Lord”, and knows firsthand all of his secrets. They will learn that it’s not money that brings happiness but love, solidarity and unity. Within days of their marriage they have a fight, making Ignacia decide to leave the city for a couple of days. Inspired by a Victor Hugo novel.A woman accused of a crime she did not commit is persecuted by the man she loves. A group of armed men killed Vicente. The young Lady Tabares pleads not guilty before being brought to the trial that will define her future. Along the way she meets Hernán Darío, played by Juan Pablo Urrego, a young neighborhood courier with whom she finds true love as he fights against a world of drugs and violence to defend his family. Gabriela is unjustly locked in a mental asylum where she is tortured and humiliated. Las cosas se complican por una mujer que se interpone entre ambos, la hermosa DAM-SEO. In a country plagued by suspicions and atrocities, a game of betrayal begins, and Aurelio, motivated by revenge and wanting to regain lost power defies all limits. What seemed to be the beginning of a promising future for Miranda becomes an uncertain one when a completely unexpected twist will force her to choose between reason and her heart’s desires. This is the story of his way to organized crime, the story of his first loves and of how he began a war to gain control of the cartel led by his worst enemy, Aurelio Casillas, The Lord of the Skies. Forum Topics Posts Last post ; TELENOVELAS ARGENTINAS. Karin, Luna and Magali may be escort girls, but they’re ready to act like business women. This starts a war between two women. Televisa is a Mexican multimedia mass media company (or television network) founded in 1951 by Emilio Azcárraga Jean. Jung-suh and Song-joo are childhood friends and have a special bond that blossoms into love. The problems will start when the inexperienced young girl falls in love with an older man, Bernardo Elizondo. The del Monte the brothers Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar and Lucas, care for the country estate that their parents transformed into the most important of the area. After the appearance of his picture in the press, Casillas, whose fleet of 27 aircraft has earned him the nickname "The Lord of the Skies", decides to undergo a risky plastic surgery to change his face and disappear without a trace, putting the lives of his beloved Ximena and their children at risk. But a mysterious and powerful enemy observes her in the shadows, waiting to deal a final blow. When these individuals come together once again, they’ll form an alliance with Cha Gwan-woo, a lawyer with a passion for his career. But Monica will not let go until she claims her revenge against her evil niece Elena, setting her children out of harm’s way. These friends will face many adversities in which the law of the strongest will prevail, and in the process this will shape Rosa's personality, making her a strong woman who will shine among others. Violence can take many forms and desires which are often hard to confess to. Related Pages. On this day, despite being defeated militarily, the charismatic coup leader makes his first public appearance for 30 seconds before cameras – and just as he filled the masses and television, he became Venezuela’s greatest political figure before the turn of the century. With little time on her hands, this working woman has no alternative but to entrust Dany, the local school bus driver, with the task of taking her young girl to and from school. TV Show. 283 Views. Raimundo and Gabriel put their faith, reason, and feelings into conflict. The program is based on an original concept by the founders of Reset TV, Toni Cruz and José María Mainat responsible for popular entertainment formats such as Crónicas Marcianas, Mira Quién Baila and Operación Triunfo, among others. Without knowing what really happened, she runs away from that place and hours later, after a real “hunt” is triggered, she is captured and placed in a correctional institution for minors, accused of murder. As a result, Crisanto Castañeda is determined to destroy the Montiels. Bella Calamidades (Beautiful But Unlucky), El Rostro de la Venganza (Facing Destiny), El Señor de los Cielos (The Lord of the Skies), El Señor de los Cielos 2 (The Lord of the Skies 2), El Señor de los Cielos 3 (The Lord of the Skies 3), El Señor de los Cielos 4 (The Lord of the Skies 4), El Señor de los Cielos 5 (The Lord of the Skies 5), En la Boca del Lobo (At the Devil's Table), La Chucara: Amor Rebelde (La Chucara: Rebel Love), La Familia de al Lado (The Next Door Family), La Mujer de Mi Esposo (My Husband’s Woman), La Poseida (Possessed and Marked By Love), La Querida del Centauro (Centauro's Woman), La Querida del Centauro 2 (Centauro's Woman 2), La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South), La Voz de Tu Amor (I Can Hear Your Voice), Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (Lady the Rose Seller), Los Herederos del Monte (Paula for Love or Money), Mi Corazon Insiste en Lola Volcan (My Heart Beats for Lola Volcan), Pituca Sin Lucas (Fancy Girl Without Money), Relaciones Peligrosas (Dangerous Affairs), Señora Acero, La Coyote 3 (The Acero Dynasty, The Coyote 3), Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso (Without Breasts There Is Paradise), Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso 2 (Without Breasts There Is Paradise 2), Una Maid en Manhattan (Maid in Manhattan), Volverías Con Tu Ex? During this time, Catalina married the doctor who saved her when she was on the verge of dying. Only the sudden arrival of Jang Hye-seong, who holds a photo of the scene on her cellphone, serves to sentence Min Jun-gook, who promises to get revenge against his accusers. The story of Perico Perez and Leonardo Fuentemayor is that of twins separated at birth – each one completely unaware of the existence of the other, and now, by a play of fate, they’ll swap lives, changing subsequently the lives of all those around them. What begins as a surgical intervention becomes a powerful and intimate bond between a father and his child – a boy who is unaware he was adopted. All was well until an unforgivable betrayal landed Eva behind bars. His bad business decisions and shady practices have left him in ruins, and he in turn has disappeared without announcement, leaving his family homeless. Ironically, Aurelio and his new allies will be the only ones who can save the country from its destruction. When he is entrusted with the mission to assassinate Guillermo Palomino, the organization’s accountant, Salgado’s lenient moral reaches its limit and he decides to go to the United States authorities to cooperate with them. Despite his efforts to be a great father, his children still need a mother. Will the couple be able to resist the temptation of the past or the future? Aurelio Casillas is where he longed to be: on top and in power. But to leave the hell from which he has found himself, Ricardo Salgado will have to bring down the devil himself. Gabriel will find himself wrapped up in a delicate trap, baited by Carmen Marin herself, set in order by a highly respected member of the city’s aristocracy and the father of her fiancé, Don Eleodoro, whose goal is to become the next president. HugoxD4. Hopeful with the idea of loving each other for eternity, they decide to elope to Las Vegas, confronting Andres’ family, who has always opposed their relationship. Psy is a dramatic series that follows the adventures lived by Carlo Antonini, both in and out of his consulting office as a psychiatrist, psychologist and psychoanalyst interested in unusual cases that defy him and even put him and his family in danger. The Reyes brothers bury her and swear to avenge her death. Ten years have passed since that terrible tragedy. For a man who considers arranged marriages a wonderful idea, because of its lack of emotional involvement, the attraction he feels for this mysterious woman, who leads a spontaneous, passionate and sometimes-strange life, is confusing. Their home is surrounded by people who may be responsible, and now nothing is quite how it seemed. After all, the rich are not those who have more, but those who need the least. is the first reality show to capture the exciting and intense experience of 12 former couples, with very different backgrounds and histories (ex-husbands and wives, ex-couples, ex-partners... all kinds of exes... or a new partner found in the house) while subjecting themselves to the links that brought them together for a second chance. His face, we discovered it was all part of his masterful plan to return from the shadows to eliminate his enemies and without constrains extend his drug dealing network throughout the world. She’ll use it to take charge of her destiny, not allowing spite or pain to break her will and her plan to do justice. It will be a battle to the death ... both on and behind the scenes. After that fatal event, the girls took separate paths. A small misunderstanding generated by her son Lalo leads Marisa meets Cristobal Parker, a millionaire and successful young businessman, who mistakes her for an elegant hotel guest. What were to happen if his destiny has already been written and his time is up? Seguiteci tutti i giorni con Voi!!! His identity becomes switched with that of his twin brother, and their paths nearly cross on several occasions. Their connection is instantaneous, but their love will be threatened by street violence, injustice and fierce opposition from Felicia, his eternal admirer. Between two polar opposites, Bruno will have to follow the most important rule of life – the one that states one must always go with one’s heart. When Monica offers her a ride, the two will bond in a mysterious way by the power of a special talisman. Forgot account? The story follows the history of Fabres family, consisting of Renato, a millionaire businessman, his wife Eva and their three children: Ignacia, Carola and Benjamin; and secondly, the story of Javier Ruiz-Tagle and Pilar Echenique, who also have children and a perfect life. Years later she returns, transformed into Veronica Dantes, “The Boss”, who arrives determined to carry out her revenge against those who destroyed her life. With their careers at a crossroads, they share one vision - why can’t the oldest profession in the world benefit from modern marketing and planning methods? out to be such a nightmare. He or she with his/her ex, and the other with a single individual. Blanca can't understand why all women fall for Gaspar's gallantry. During the stay and challenges, the former couples will relive familiar situations and discover characteristics of their ex that were perhaps unknown to them. When his best friend is murdered, Angel swears he'll take revenge against Martín, the head of a powerful criminal network. Benedicto Suarez (Centauro) managed to escape from authorities.

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