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Closely followed by the vanilla. Acqua calda, limone e zucchero fa digerire? 100 ml Dodati u korpu. Not just a citrus-freshy. Yes the quality is better but to be honest spending over £100 versus £2 to £4 on the oil or spray gets me compliments, plus smells ridiculously the same that I just couldn't justify purchasing Zucchero. L'acqua è una componente essenziale del nostro organismo; nell'adulto rappresenta oltre il 70% della massa complessiva (nel bambino è addirittura superiore) e la sua carenza sistemica può compromettere il benessere, la salute e (nella peggiore delle ipotesi) la sopravvivenza della persona. It opens up with a spicy vanilla and dries down with a very very slightly noticeable bitter feature. Very sweet haute couture version of Pink Sugar scent. Yep I'm loving it. :-), this fragrance is without any comparison. The raspberry note in PS to me smells synthetic- like a red #40-infused slush. Community I wore this one to the Christmas party on Friday... compliments through the roof left and right... its a simple but powerful and seductive scent! I LOVE THIS STUFF! For me, this screams summer and fairs- what could be better? Oddly, the top notes seem to dominate: it has a fizzy, sharp, almost stinging effect on the nose. l'acqua di mare è salata, l'acqua dolce però è senza zucchero, che dolcificante utilizzano per addolcirla ? I can’t pull apart a single note, it is so well blended. 2 0. zani1281. Profumum Roma's Acqua E Zucchero is my second purchase from this amazing house, my first is the excellent Ambra Aurea. Because I am, willingly, happily addicted to their perfumes. Very similar to Pink Sugar, almost the same, but Acqua e Zucchero lacks the liquorice note, which is so prominent in Pink Sugar. Create New Account. After about half an hour of development you detect a sharp acidity that must be the forest fruits (whatever they are). The only real difference to my nose being the absence of caramelized licorice and fig leaves that gives pink sugar that mean little snap. Another fragrance much like Aquolina's Pink Sugar and Al Re-hab's Soft, only slightly more fruitier than powdery, imo. (Which is just as well, since I'm not sure how much I love falling for bottles that cost a car payment -- and PR's Dulcis in Fundo already has me in that sort of predicament ;-). 0 0. Just tried my sample. I have a 10ml decant I will gladly use up though, as I smell DIVINE, a cloud of sweet candy floss and vanilla. I thè caldi ( sia verdi che non ) e le tisane facilitano la digestione. It's best in class for a pure sugar experience. For day or evening wear. This is a great vanilla, propped up with the forest fruits. 30 likes. About See All. It is different though, obviously of higher quality- soft and well blended cotton candy, vanilla and berries instead of pink sugars screamingly synthetic straight forward sticky sweet cotton candy. Acqua calda, limone e miele è un rimedio della medicina . I do really enjoy this fragrance, but won’t repurchase because I know I can find a much cheaper alternative. Flacon 100 ml avec vaporisateur inclus. It is literally translated to Sugar Water and that is what you get here : sweet, feminine flirty high quality orange flower, berries and vanilla candy scent. I'd wear year round except in humid summer weather. Let's move on. Sweet for sure but sweet the way wonderful French champagne is. out of ACQUA E ZUCCHERO. not sharp enough. Longevity is much better than Pink Sugar and 100ml will last forever. Rossana Sara colori . Dans une pièce absente de lumière, je dois te retrouver, utilisant mon nez comme un radar, tu communiques avec moi grâce à ce parfum très évocateur. this is so sweet that turns the stomach a bit if you sniff it too close. Le tracce di minerali presenti nel sale non raffinato, marketplaces. E’ pazzesco, quando lo preparava da bambina rimanevo affascinata e pensavo che fosse un mago perchè dal niente vedevo l’acqua iniziare a friggere anche se non era frizzante e soprattutto…funziona! It smells so much like pink sugar it's striking. In my large collection of gourmand fragrances, this very well might be the most delicious and distinctive. Acqua e Zucchero was launched in 2002. La gestion des avis clients par Avis Vérifiés de est certifiée conforme à la norme NFZ74-501 "avis en ligne" et au référentiel de certification NF522 par l'organisme NF Service depuis le 28 Mars 2014. There’s a good bit of sillage, and it lasts for 8-12 hours on skin, and is still present after a shower. While I smell the cotton candy reference, it's at most peripheral to the most perfect balance of orange blossom and vanilla that I've ever experienced. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body. But I can't get past that PS phase. but, since it reminds me a lot of Pink Sugar and i have nearly a full bottle of PS, i'll hold off on getting this one. Forgot account? A more expensive Pink Sugar. It is definately not worth the pricetag, smells kind of cheap and very simple. Sweet sugary water is what it is. Créez un compte gratuit pour utiliser les listes de souhaits. Sillage is soft to moderate. Outstanding fragrance, this is another of my good purchases from this house.Rarely that niche house is worth as Profumum Roma.Their perfumes are of high quality,no synthetics,very natural ingredients, have 43 precent of oil. Questi, infatti, creano una vera e propria dipendenza, perché più ne mangiamo, più sentiamo il bisogno di assumerne altri. Eau de parfum très haute concentration(43%), Notes: Fruits rouges, fleur d'oranger, vanille. Powerful and lasting, strong and sweet, yet it's also dainty somehow and as "ossini" says - fragile. 19-apr-2016 - Tutorial per inamidare i lavori all’uncinetto con acqua e zucchero Having said that, I did try a sample of AeZ, like it a lot although I wouldn't wear it everyday so I'd probably go for a decant. It’s sweet but has a freshness too which makes it completely unisex. Wear it when going out solo, like you don't care. Amazing smell. When as a child I was coughing or had sore throat, my mother prepared a delicious homemade remedy - caramelized sugar. 15-nov-2019 - Cosa c'è di più carino di un panino a forma di numero per aprire una festa di compleanno? this fragrance is tooth achingly sweet and sugary it honestly smells like a middle school female fragrance. Tama sobe je sakrila oblike. Il cibo trova sempre coloro che amano cucinare" ! Acqua E zuchero is not a complicated fragrance, but what it does it does it to perfection. Much too sharp and shrieky for me. I bought myself a decant of this from the local niche perfume store / barbershop. I have to disagree with some of that. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I dislike when people attach their interpretations of who should wear this type of fragrance. Tutti i testi e le fotografie presenti sul blog, salvo diversa indicazione, sono di mia proprietà. This one is really smooth and is not headachey, but honestly for the price I can't see indulging in a full bottle unless there is really some note or accord in the Al Rehab or the Aquolina that you can't stand. Acqua E Zucchero goes to that pleasure spot in my brain that is right next to liking amazing food and good sex. Outstanding fragrance, unique and addicting. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Almond seems to be creeping out on my skin even though it is not listed in the notes. Il rimedio per digerire naturale della nonna è un modo velocissimo e divertente da vedere. This is no exception, but it has a strong resemblance to Pink Sugar! Notes include orange blossom but it's definitely not neroli. Until I bought a bottle of Acqua E Zucchero, I may have shied away from what I was told was a "girls" fragrance - not any more. I knew it instantly when I smelled my sample as I have a sample of Sexual Sugar and I was shocked. It IS very much similar to Pink Sugar, which is only a little bit 'softer' and OK maybe less elaborate on the tangerine top note. Very very very adorable. It’s very difficult to get a bottle here so I may consider a 30ml decant. A more refined version of Pink Sugar, seriously overpriced. Scent - fresh berries coated in vanilla syrup. I was wrong, I love it. I would be able to tell immediately which was which! It is also said that it is a "girl's fragrance". As a lover of orange blossom, I was also hoping I would detect more of that note. It's the same general fruity, sugary sweet with vanilla scent, like cotton candy but warm with hints of tart berry. Profumum Roma's Acqua E Zucchero is my second purchase from this amazing house, my first is the excellent Ambra Aurea. Glavne note: šumsko voće, vanila, cvet pomorandže Povezani Proizvodi. Projection is beast in the first couple hours, then after about 4 hours you get about 1 ft projection, but you will definitely leave a trail of behind you, and someone walking behind you will for sure get whiffs of you. Ive heard people say “burnt sugar” when describing BR540 and Extrait, and this is what I expected to smell honestly. Answer Save. Rather, simplicity is all this fragrance needs. Not a rubbery weird mess. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. This undoubtedly comes from a burnt sugar note as well as some zesty citrus. This delightful fragrance has - in spite of its strong character - something innocently angelic in it. If the orange blossom of Elie Saab is the hot, white glare of a Mediterrenean high noon, then Aqua e Zucchero's is an epilepsy-inducing strobe light. Public Figure. Acqua E Zucchero est une fragrance gourmande et douce qui nous enveloppe d'un voile cocooning. Very nice and confortable perfume... this perfume is a fantasy, sweet/artistic, and very wearable. Catégorie: aromatique - frais Umm, NO. Very very sweet, reminds a lot of Pink SUgar. First impression: Way to sweet cream cake filling, sugared berries, strawberry oil? Acqua e Zucchero is a potent gourmand. Sì, in caso di perdita momentanea di equilibrio, di controllo, di forza...è basilare ingerire acqua e zucchero, in quanto danno energia al corpo e non solo... P.S Ricordiamolo però che l'eccessiva aggiunta dello zucchero, potrebbe provocare il diabete xD. Acqua E Zucchero. Naturally sweet in a great way. Toschi, gustosa la vita!. 17-ott-2016 - Ricetta per stampi diametro 18 cm, altezza 3,5 Ingredienti per la pasta frolla con lievito: farina g 500 burro morbido g 300 zucchero g 200 lievito chimico g 5 uova intere g 100 1 bacca di vaniglia ½ cucchiaino di sale Maldon per il biscotto cheesecake: frolla cotta g 300 burro pomata g 50… From cherries in liqueur, to Fruit Liqueurs and Syrups, all the experience and passion from the origin back in 1945 till today, both for home consumption and Bar or Catering market. The musk stays fresh almost cold. I adore this wow as soon as I sprayed this I was in love. Zucchero has a berry sweetness with an almost medicinal feel in the background in the opening but when dries down the beautiful vanilla smoothes it out perfectly. La parfumerie du Soleil d'Or a sélectionné pour vous des marques de maquillage de qualité, répondant aux peaux les plus exigeantes. I decided to find and sample Pink Sugar to compare. Performance is great with this it will definitely not let you down in that department. Notes principales : Ambre, Patchouli, Musc, Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml The sharpness is close to the skin but makes this an adult juice. En poursuivant votre navigation sur le site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de Cookies permettant de réaliser des statistiques de visites. Per aromatizzarla è possibile aggiungere un po’ di zucchero capace di rendere acqua e limone una bevanda dissetante e gustosa. Favourite answer. Damn, my nose is good LOL! Expensive but I wear this regularly; its been over 3 yrs and I still have about 15 ml left...stunningly sexy .UPDATE; JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER BOTTLE. 1-2 sprays is all that is needed with this to make it suitable and not kill everyone around you. I think this has to be the best-done fragrance of this type! Perfectly unisex, i love this perfume! So luxurious, it's like dipping yourself in golden syrup and laughing maniacally. Ma cosa posso bere per digerire? I wasn’t really wearing this too much even though it I’d cae more interesting than pink sugar, I realized it has this mid note of a fresh zesty neroli so I started mixing this one with atelier grand neroli which by itself was just a little bit too plain for me also, I usually am vehemently opposed to mixing fragrances but this mix is really great to me better than the sum of its parts. Yes, the concept might be similar in prominent notes(vanilla, sugar, fruits), but the rendition is far different: A&Z smells natural and has greater depth and complexity- especially in the vanilla note where PS smells very linear. Over-th-top, maybe, but oh so very addictive! The simple ingredients-- orange blossom, fruits and vanilla are a complex composition that evokes 'La dolce vita' on my skin.Acqua e zucchero is analagous to 'the HAUTE COUTURE of fruity florals'. This has a stronger, sharper citrus note than Profumum's Dulcis in Fundo...I get MOSTLY citrus (but sweet citrus, mixed with some light berry notes) Reminds me of lemon candy. I used to love Pink Sugar until she took it over, and while it does smell good on her, this one is for mom :) I love this line. Right now there are 16 items on or Buy it online 14 items on, Perfume rating That's not a bad thing, as they are all enjoyably sweet and lighthearted fragrances. Wow! Acqua e Zucchero is a very nice sweet fruits and vanilla gourmand. My daughter is freakishly addicted to Pink Sugar, acqua zucchero e sale. Similar to Modern Classic Noir by Brocade except more vanilla and better blended. Niche 'Pink Sugar'? Eau De Parfum. Parfumeur - Michelle Saramito (Robertet) En te touchant, je peux sentir ta douceur...grâce à cette odeur , je me sens comme immergé dans un bol de miel,  parcouru d' une douce détente. Whether or not it's well suited for formal or special occasions is still a question. In their usual, abbreviated, short-hand notation, there are only three notes 1) Vanilla, 2) Berries and 3) Orange Blossom. Save your money and go to Pink Sugar from Aquolina, it's insanelly the same. Although Pink Sugar evaporates a bit faster. The slight fruity vanilla musky burnt sugar like scent. I like most Profumum fragrances I try. This and Michel Germain's Sexual Sugar are twins folks. Parfem za žene i muškarce. I wonder what is Profumum's criteria when labeling a perfume as unisex or just female. This is the fancy girl's Pink Sugar, definitely. A little bit goes a long way. My initial dislike of Aqua e zucchero is that it smells quite like pink sugar, which I hate. It is very potent, don't get me wrong! This smells exactly like pink sugar. It doesn't soften, and no woody notes emerge on my skin like they do for other people wearing Acqua e Zucchero. 1 decade ago . Projection is likewise very nice. Therefore, purely based on scent¬es, Acqua e Zucchero is better for this cotton candy and caramel-type scent, but if I take a look on the pricetag as well, Pink Sugar would be the winner, if I wanted to buy one of them (and there are already too many perfumes on my wishlist - not sure, if I ever want to fit Pink Sugar on that, but hey, never say never, my frineds said). Parfumeur - Jacques Flori (Robertet), Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml Then my nose and my brain tell me if I like a scent or not. A seductive signature for sure.... Imo 9/10 does not get much better than this for a personal perfume. Delicious and inviting, this is truly magical gem - sumptuous and chaste at the same time. Usually I do not mind the liquorice, but in Pink Sugar it bothers me - not too much, but Pink Sugar would do just fine (better) without it. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. Catégorie:Oriental Per avere energia il nostro corpo ha bisogno del glucosio, una componente semplice dello zucchero, ma non degli zuccheri aggiunti. Because I am, willingly, happily addicted to their perfumes. With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest. Bevete per una settimana e vi sentirete molto meglio!. Totally ADDICTIVE! I purchased a large bottle after reading several reviews here which stated; “Zucchhro is a more sophisticated version of pink sugar “. Projection and longevity are both superb but like i say better suted to smell on another than yourself. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. The expensive luxury edition of Pink Sugar, almost the same smell but in higher quality and more longevity. Buono, soffice e simpatico... ecco come prepararlo! Benvenuti nella FanPage Ufficiale di Acqua Uliveto, Notizie, consigli, idee e curiosità per digerire meglio e vivere in forma! My nose only directs scent to my brain. Sugar overload! The most faithful to the original Pink Sugar copy. I will agree with others though, this is a more grown up fragrance, not the teenager locker room gym class spray after working out. With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest. parfumeur: Jacque Flori (Robertet), Eau de toilette vapo 100 ml This is amazing! Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. both are beautiful. The trick for guys in order to use such sweet scented perfumes is to have an IDGAF attitude when using it. COZY COZY COZY!!!! Perfume lovers: 598220 lt is very interesting, smells of red oranges and sweet. Notes : fenouil, anis étoilée, ambre, musc, Eau de toilette vapo 50 ml  Pink Sugar is one of my everlasting favourites, I have it always in my perfume collection even thoug I don´t use it a lot. I got a sample two years ago, it was lots and lots of vanilla, and some berries. Il rimedio per digerire naturale della nonna…o meglio del nonno…il mio nonno, il famoso ormai Nonno Mimmi. Completely reminds me of Pink Sugar except better more natural more caremello. It opens fruity bit in a candy way, somewhat cotton candy vibe, like mixing the pink and purple and red ones together and you would get a similar vice to the opening. A&Z also has an entirely-different base/drydown than PS. Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. It’s a strange one but I like it. Reading the reviews I didn't think I would like this at all. To me, any hint of orange blossom is clouded by the effect of this sharp sweetness. Acqua E Zucchero has opened a whole new gourmand group of fragrances to me, that I now love. Acqua e Zucchero is soft and sweet, a lovely fragrance, but I'll stick with my Pink Sugar. I totally agree with RobBob. Lots of vanilla sweetness but also a top note of some tingling fresh stuff - and the top note lingers for a looooong time. very pretty in a happy, sweet, powdery, sunshiny, giggly kind of way. Though i found the smell pleasant i found it more suited to being a room fragrance opposed to an aftershave. Cmq un bel bicchiere di acqua e zucchero aiuta a digerire in pochissimo tempo. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. !=) oppure se hai qui barattoli kon delle kose bianche tipo zucchero x fare la cedrata usa quelle!!funzionano!! Looking at the notes and hearing people say how sweet it is and especially comparing it very strongly to a women’s fragrance may be a turn off but if you like something along the lines of baccarat rouge or by the fire place then his is worth checking out because it’s super long lasting and a little goes a long way as well! 5 with FUN!!! And these have the tendency to be like a clingy, ditzy blonde girl, wearing a lot of lipstick and hairspray with very long fake nails, never really going away even though you tire of her after a short while. Aqua e Zucchero is not simply “Sugar Water”, its a high premium perfume, a very soft sparkling fragrance, very fragile, not gluey or sleazy. Once the fruity-floral ensemble joins the sugar, things stay linear through the drydown. I really love the dry down. It reminds me of sipping bubbly champagne while eating a piece of rich, caramel cake. Log In. The drydown is a little less sugary, something a bit more woodsy in it and maybe a touch of cinnamon? Then drys down very manly with woods and suttle spice. Una limonata calda per digerire rappresenta un rimedio popolare per far passare mal di stomaco e sensazione di nausea dopo un pasto mal digerito. This perfume starts as a citrus laced cotton candy. I'm a man and my nose does not discern between male or female scents. I find that it is a remarkable scent for a man, if he can pull this on. My daughter is freakishly addicted to Pink Sugar. So im not sure exactly what I would compare this to. I love it so much, it is so comforting, sweet and luxurious. 8 Answers. I can only describe it as super sweet like a sugar substitute would be with an anise vibe. Notes : bois de rose- notes florales- cèdre- musc. l just tried it in a perfume shop today and got a sample. The longevity of AeZ is great. You just want to come closer to be in that aura. ;) Yes, it definitely is, minus the unpleasant burnt notes! Lv 5. But I like sweet. This fragrance came first so it's safe to say that Sexual Sugar is the cheaper alternative to this one, but wow, that instantaneous recognition was stunning. Very vivid sugar and vanilla smell with some florals thrown in there. See more of Acqua e Zucchero on Facebook. I will indeed be a happy man with all my PR perfumes... Gentlemen, do not be shy to try this perfume. And on the wallet. Fragrance Reviews: 1009228 "Like get out the way b**** cotton candy coming through.". Detaljnije. Acqua E Zucchero is a beautiful perfume that almost defies description. Similar (in a creepy way) to pink sugar (which I like, just, have been around town too much). Grazie Profumum Roma! Perfumes: 63162 29 people follow this. Let your nose tell you whether or not you like it. Community See All. I am rather indifferent about it. Concentrated "sugar water" sweetness appropriate for a cool spring night out or fall/winter evening. (Open a bag of skittles and you will get the general idea). oppure potrei bere 2 litri di acuq che fanno bene a tutto l'organismo e prendere integratori di thè verde.. The vanilla in this smells almost identical to the one used in the same lines Vanitas- another fume I love (which is for some reason not on this site). Scent like colorful gummy candies for children. To me it stayed very linaer throughout with the skittles milkshake scent. I'm going to buy Dulcis In Fundo and Vanitas as well. They overpower the vanilla which is the note I most enjoy. Fabbisogno di acqua. Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. I am getting the vanilla and forest fruits, but in a luxurious, but subtle and somehow elusive way. Aqua e zucchero is really strong stuff one doesn't need much of it to be noticed. Longevity and sillage top notch, highly recommended. Dichiaro inoltre di non essere responsabile per i commenti inseriti nei post ed eventuali commenti dei lettori, lesivi dell'immagine o dell'onorabilità di persone terze, nemmeno se il commento viene espresso in forma anonima o criptata. This was one of my most treasured finds after spending hours on the 6th floor of Harrod's [for anyone who loves perfume and happens to be in London - there is no better place than the 6th floor there for finding a ton of niche perfumes in one place] It was my first time hearing of Profumum and I fell in love with AEZ and it quickly has become one of my favorite perfumes. words that come to my mind when i think of this scent- cotton candy, bubble gum, pink unicorn dust, zoey 101. It contains the possibility for overuse, like any other fragrance, but particularly so because it's a sweet gourmand.

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